Wednesday 29 August 2007

Well we thuglets love to dig and if we say so ourselves we are very good at it. This is one of our latest excavations...we all took turns on working on it (even Ellie). We were doing really well with this tunnel infact it was out best work so far. Then disaster struck!

There we were test driving the tunnel when with very bad timing Karen and Alan appeared in the garden.....what they found was Ellie and Holly standing looking down our tunnel. Well they obviously wondered where the rest of us were? Imagine their suprise on calling us when Cora appeared out of the tunnel followed by Dorcus who was followed by Webster who was followed by Teddy!

Thats when disaster struck - the tunnel was declared a "no go" area. It was considered to dangerous for us. We had dug down and then we had started to dig outwards going underneath the lawn! We had really good fun diggin that tunnel. So sadly it was filled in.....but hey it took 3 tractor loads of soil to fill it!

Busy on another project at the moment - but can't say much about it just yet! Nudge nudge wink wink

The Thuglets


The Black and Tans. said...

Very impressive tunnel Thuglets. Will definitely be emailing you for more advice about digging. Yout technique is quite obviously brilliant. Molly and Taffy

Headgirl said...

Woweee! So many of you!
Found you via Molly & Taffy, who I
only discovered this morning too.
As, I said to them, I'm human but love dogs. And, have developed a particular fondness for Aireiedales, especially after meeting the late but legendary puppy Oscar from Swindon in person.
Will really look foward to following your tales.

Pats to all

The Black and Tans. said...

How is the next project coming along? We can't wait to find out! Wondering if you are likely to surface down here in the south!

M & T.

Welcome To The Life Of Ezzy Rider And Jagger said...

Hey Thuglets..Ever think about digging a tunnel to the USA. I can meet you half way with my friends. It will be fun. Lots of things to do here .

Ezzy Rider

Mango and Party said...

Just popping by to say hi to all of you. Hi hi hi hi hi & hi! There's so many of you - we are so envious!!

Wiry loves,
Mango & Party