Saturday 25 August 2007

Hello from me Holly
Well I came to live with the thuglets a year ago as an 8 mth old puppy. I had to leave the home I had as they had two small kids and I was “big and bouncy” and used to jump up and knock them over. I also stole things including their toys and chewed them. Apparently I didn’t have any manners… tut tut! Oh .. and I also mouthed. So it was time to move on Holly.
I joined the thuglets as a foster dale while a new home was to be found for me. Sadly Hannah passed away just after I arrived – so I was asked would I like to stay and live with the thuglets. Of course I said YES!

I am a big girl and a real fun loving girl. I love to play with the others tag, chases and play fights. Somehow though ...I am always the one on the bottom of the pile with the other five on top of me!

I also give great cuddles.


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The Black and Tans. said...

Hi Holly

As you know we are both in our second homes, but it is well worth packing you bag and moving on if you find a real fun place to live in isn't it?

I am a bit concerned about you being at the bottom of a pile of dales, you take care and be sure to give great cuddles to Karen and Alan, I love cuddles too.