Saturday 25 August 2007

Hello Cora here

I had my first birthday on 10th June and I became a thuglet when I was 10 weeks old.
I am a very tall girl and I love to run and play. I always have something in my mouth to carry a bone, stick or a toy. I absolutely love digging and simply adore mud.

I am known as Cora the Super Muddy Princess because I am often covered in mud or The Scottish Princess because I come from Scotland and am a Princess. My posh name is Ragtail Love of a Princess. I am ever so proud because I feature as a puppy on the new Ragtail mug. I really like having my photograph taken and will happily pose when the camera comes out.

I love to give cuddles and yes I am a daddy’s girl as well!


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The Black and Tans. said...

Hello Cora Super Muddy Princess

You are really famous having your picture on a Ragtail mug. I hope you were nice and clean when they took your photo!!!

Bet it is nice being Daddy's girl, I am a Mummy's boy.