Wednesday 16 January 2008

A day in January

Rain Rain go away! Thats all we have had for days..our garden is like a big mud pie which is lots of fun..funny the hoomans don't seem to share our sense of fun. They are forever washing the kitchen floor. LOL We really want more snow so we can go out and play.

Cora is now back to her normal fun finally we were today allowed to have our juicy marrowbones yum yum. Although we get one each Teddy and Holly decided to play a game of "tugga bone". It was funny watching Holly dragging our Teddy across the floor....neither of them were going to give up that bone! There nearly was a photo but when we got the camera someone who will remain nameless had removed the card from it.

Hopefully the camera will remain out of action... cause the dreaded deed of stripping has begun! Everyday she looks for a volunteer. A volunteer is this woman mad? LOL Somehow one of us ends up on the table...3 of us are half stripped. Poor Webster & Dorcus are fast loosing their very furry coats.

Last night Webster was on the grooming table trying to sleep when on came this racket apparently called music. If it wasn't bad enough it was some blokie named James Blunt thing all hell breaks loose as Teddy has found a big tin lid which he is carrying in his gob going round and round the kitchen banging it on everything to the music....persued by 4 other thuglets howling!

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx

Thursday 10 January 2008

You Make My Day Award

Gosh..thank you so much Blue for giving us this award! We are truely honoured!

The award is awarded to 'people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland.

The 'rules' of this award say we may nominate up to 10 bloggers who make our day.

Since we started blogging we have made so many new friends worldwide and also met up with old friends..we have both laughed and cried with them.

We love blogland and we pass this award on to:

The Airechicks
Molly & Gertrude
WIlliam Tell

Wednesday 9 January 2008

Hurrah - Cora Good News

Hurrah at last - Cora appears to have turned the corner!

We are so pleased to tell you that for the last 48hrs sickness or horrid poohs! Cora is eating normal foods and bright as a button!

What a big relief..she had us all so worried. We are still all taking great care of her and she has to continue on her medication.

Again a huge thankyou to everyone for your positive thoughts and lovely messages, emails and cards.


The thugletsx

p.s. the hoomans found this in the snow...we wonder who dug it before christmas? LOL

Tuesday 8 January 2008


Shocked and stunned! Whooo hoooo what a surprise!

Molly and Taffy told us to visit their blog and look what was waiting for us there! We have had a meeting of the thuglets and we are passing "The Bloggers of the World" award to:

Maggie and Mitch

Golden Rose Award

We are truely honoured that we have been awarded the Golden Rose by Bogart.
(We must say we are sorry Bogart we didn't collect it sooner..somehow we missed it .. useless we is).
We are awarding the Golden Rose to Ludo & Caz as they are so very sad at this time. Also to our very good friend Amber-Mae.
The Thugletsx

Saturday 5 January 2008

Cora update, us and the snow

Well where do we begin? Cora continues to scare us all..she takes 1 step forward and 2 backwards. After making really good progress Thursday ....she went backwards friday and would not eat all day, but thankfully would drink. Yuk- poor Cora Tummy problems again during last night ..but again today she is brighter and has managed 2 chicken meals and is drinking. She is being constantly watched as are we all..but we the thuglets are doing a good job nursing her! We heard she is back to the vets on monday.

A very big thank you to everyone for all you positive thoughts, wishes and comments.

We had a snow fall on thursday and we had some fun! We have some right posers in this family as you will see.LOL

Rocketman Teddy What's this stuff called again? Holly & Teddy ..thought we would pose!
Then we had some more snow..whooo hooo Webster,Teddy & Dorcus Teddy decided to play the "snow devildale"
Cora was allowed 10 mins playtime would never now she was sick to look at her!
Cora "so what is this stuff on my face"? Aha...Webster who does his best to stay away from the camera!
Dorcus did a spot of tuck but running!
Even I like snow on my nose says EllieTeddy and Cora having some fun..before time was called!

The snow only lasted a disappointing. We have pawscrossed for more!

The Thugletsx

Wednesday 2 January 2008

Cora's progress

Our good news is that Cora is doing really well today. She is so much brighter in herself. She has had her meds (putting up a struggle now at medication time) and 6 small chicken meals also she has been drinking water by herself!

Its such a relief to us all to see her getting better. She really did give us a scare. Lets hope she is now well and turely on the road to recovery. Back to the vets for a checkup tomorrow.

A huge thankyou to eveyone for all your lovely wishes and positive thoughts.

We'll keep you posted.


the thuglets

p.s. we are all still being closely monitored and followed everywhere! The hoomans are watching. One is checking our poohs and the other is checking to make sure we drink. Poor daddy he has to check to make sure we drink!

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Cora Update

Cora ..... well we had a bit of a setback yesterday she stopped drinking again and was refusing all we monitored her but she started to concern us again. We were giving her water in a syringe.

So New Years Eve back to emergency vets she went...........she wasn't as dehydrated as the other night but they decided to give her more fluids and re-xray her to see if anything had moved and could be seen. The xrays showed absolutely nothing!

The current diagnosis if a viral gastro-enteritis! Cora was given 3 litres of fluid and once she came round from the anesthetic mum and dad were able to bring here home at 10pm last night.

Because she was quite whoosie from the anesthetic she went in the large crate in the kitchen as we all wanted her to rest. She is also best with us thuglets as we are always together. We were very good and we all settled very quickly and we had a peaceful night ..the hoomans didn't sleep much for listening!

Cora's antibiotics have been because they are not working with what ever she has and secondly the vet said what we had also wondered was she having a reaction to them? which may be a possibility!

She now has two liquids which are given to her 3 times a day by syringe to help keep her hydrated and also if she isn't drinking we are giving her a supplement in water by a large syringe every hour.

We now just have to work her through this..the vet said to expect ups and downs and it will be a long slow recovery..but she is a strong dog and he does not consider it life threatening ..the important thing is keeping her hydrated. She is going abck to the vets tomorrow further checkup.

The good news is she is brighter today and has eaten a finely chopped chicken breast as well as having her first 2 syringes of medication. Cora is only allowed out with one of us to toilet so that she can be monitored and save her energy so she can put it all into getting better.

The rest of us remain fighting fit...but we are being closely monitored.

We just want our little Scottish princess well again!

Thank you everyone for your positve thoughts and get well messages to Cora.

Happy New Year from us all.

We will keep you posted.


The Thugletsx