Saturday 25 August 2007

Hello this is Dorcus

I was 2 in June of this year and I joined the thuglets when I was 12 weeks old. Karen and Alan had decided after getting Webster that it was such fun to have a puppy around that they would like another. So along I came. Webster taught me the ropes and we had a real fun time especially playing tag and chases with Hannah and Ellie.

I came along just as the kitchen floor was being replaced (sorry Webster but you did mention it) and I remember we weren’t allowed in the kitchen for 3 days, so guess what? We had such fun all of us sleeping in the summer house with Karen and Alan.

I am also know as “Baby D” as I am not a very tall girl. My posh name is Mikeland Lady Dorcus. One of my favourite hobbies as well as eating and playing is that I love to dig! I also like to give cuddles and I must admit I am a daddy’s girl.


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The Black and Tans. said...

Hello Lady Dorcus

Well that is posh we have a "Lady" as a friend. Will have to brush up on our bows and curtsies in case we ever meet up. Sleeping in the summer house, great fun, sounds a bit like camping in comfort.

Molly and Taffy