Sunday 1 May 2011

What we did on Sunday

Yep we're here again!

Yesterday was sunny and we decided to play a few games.

Holly says me and Teddy rolled around in the tunnel, while Cora ran around with her trophy (a dead twiggie)

Holly....See I told you Teddy was in the tunnel with me!

Webster said it was too warm to do anything but sleep in the shade.

His peace didn't last long as Cora set off at a gallop..........

Yep.. as you can see she had spotted our chicken chewie bones arriving!

This is mine says Cora....

Definately mine...

Even Webster (yes this gorgeous hairy beast is Webster) had to move for his chewie bone

Teddy went under the table with his...typical

Holly.... truely DALEICIOUS!

Well after a good chew session Cora & Teddy wanted to play their favorite game of Chase the Bubbles....

Go on Cora says Teddy you can reach em!

Cora I'm trying

Nearly got one

Wheeeeeeeeeee....Here I go again

Welldone Teddy ...time you tried instead of directing operations!

Ready..we're ready for more....Can we have some more please?

Corr... this really is fun especially as they taste of B'Qd chicken! Why didn't you tell me sooner Cora? asks Teddy

Why do you think Teddy says Cora!

We hope you all had a fun day like us. When the games ended as it was Yorkie Pud for dinner! We went to bed wondering what today will bring?

Well it's sunny so we have our paws crossed!

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx