Monday 26 July 2010

This & That

Yes it's me Ellie ..I just wanted to thank everyone on behalf of The Thuglets and our hoomans for all your very kind words about our sad loss of Jasmine.
Also to share with you ......Holly The Wild Child and Timothy The Terrorist who have had a bit of fun.

Wild Child in action>>>>

Holly is a Wild Child..but so gorgeous with it!

Did some serious grazing.............

The other night the hoomans went to some place called Alnwick Castle (they didn't invite us) ..might be familiar to some of you its where Harry Potter was first filmed.

They took a picnic and bopped to Jools Holland with his band

special guest Alison Moyet.


They had a brillo paws night! We are not really sure they are licensed to be out until 1am..but we let them off this time!

Meanwhile back to normality... did we really say normality? LOL

Cora is having a standorf..nope I am definately not going aware near that blomming groomin table...I don't care how scruffie I look!

Holly says peekadaleboo! Actually knowing it was nearing Sunday dinner time she wouldn't do anything else as she wanted to be first in the dinner queue!

Then she got fed up of waiting so made a dalestand by putting her bed in the middle of the engine room floor and going to sleep!

But yes..Sunday it was so we got to help make and eat YORKSHIRE PUDDING! We just lurve Sunday dindins.

Right jobbies to do...............YIKES we just heard the words "AIREDOO's" BYE

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx

Monday 19 July 2010

Sad Sunday

Sunday was a very sad day for us all. We said goodbye to our beautiful Jasmine donkey.

Jasmine was a girl with a terrific smile..whenever she had her favorite extra strong mints she went around smiling at everyone.

When Jasmine decided it was dinner Jasmine let EVERYONE know ...she was fondly known as Jasmine the fog horn!

Jasmine 1993 - 2010

An unexpected and sudden loss - we will miss her dreadfully.

Big Nose Pokes

The Thuglets xx