Wednesday 27 February 2008

Great Weekend

Boy did we have a good week end playing soldiers wih Uncle William the "birthday boy" first thing we did when the hoomans brought him home was mobbed him "solider dale" style we took him unawares and pounced on him!

Teddy took the rear position and he had a great time launching himself at "Unc W" a tactical dalepincer movement.. he had a hood on his jacket that was fur lined ...Teddy wanted to kill it! LOL Well "Unc W" needs to learn to protect himself! We were just helping his training least thats what we told the hoomans!
We played lots of games and pretended we slept in the bunker ..cos sadly the hoomans wouldn't let us sleep outdoors...boohoo
The hoomans took him out for a birfday meal..we had to stay at home with our nice juicy bones. Can you believe it during the night we gave 2...YES 2 ...absolutely outstanding dalehowling sessions in "Unc's" honour..he slept thorough both of them! tut tut

We have had lots of big winds here..but we slept through that fing called an erfquake last night!

As you all like Jasmines smile on our last post we have done some special photos for you...hope you like em!

She's so funny!
Have a good week.
Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Frosty Morning

Wow is it foggy and frosty here today everything is icey!
Ellie decided to have a howl!

Rocket Man as usual is doing his own thing!

Does he really believe any of us would want his manky bit of chew? Stupid Boy!

We are all very excited as we have a visitor coming to stay on saturday Uncle WIlliam he is Ludo's Hooman brother. We are looking forward to having fun wiff him. He is now in the army as a soldier so especially for him Cora has been excavating another hole so we can use it as a bunker
and as the big wind blew down a huge branch from our trees last week we have saved it so we can play being in the jungle! This is the tree with none other than Rocketman posing!
We can't wait for the weekend and we think we might eveh have Uncle William sleeping in the kitchen with us thuglets or better still camping in the bunker for a night on thuglet exercise cos the bedroom he should be sleepin in is being stripped LOL Everything around here gets stripped or as you will see from our piccies half stripped....she's still trying to catch us!haha

We thought you might like to see Timothy donk this morning waiting for his breakie..
and Jasmine laughing!
Hope everyone out there in blog land is well and we will catch up with you all soon!
Big Cold Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Monday 4 February 2008

Especially for Blue

Well sorry for the long absence! This post was especially for of us in the middle of being stwipped. But for some reason we have spent ages trying to upload our piccies and we keep getting bounced....or are our picces being sensored? tee heee This is me Webster I am sitting on the grooming table and as you can see she's had a go at me! I'm not finished yet..none of us are we all have stwipped bits. So Blue you will get your piccies honestly!

We haven't done anything exciting just lately its been to cold and very very windy. So we have stayed indoors with lots of juicy bones.

Yesterday being sunday the hoomans were having roast lamb for dindins and of course yorkie puddin for all of us. As the roast lamb was being carved all of a sudden the knife slipped and half of the leg of lamb went hurtling and spirraling into the air .... before Karen had time to make a grab for it Teddy launched himself from under the table and caught the flying lamb in mid air in his big gob! We don't call him Rocketman for nothing. LOL So guess what we had for dinner with our yorkie pud! Yumyum it was lip smacking daleicious.

Well off to try and sort these photos out and we are way behind blogging and whats been happening with everyone. So hopefully we'll be back soon.

Big Nose Pokes

Webster & the thugletsx