Wednesday 14 November 2012

News Flash

News Flash  

Teddy's result have come back all good! yipeeeeeeeeeeeee  

The histology reports showed" benign lesions", the surgical excision being curative with no further treatment required.

(His right shoulder was a Follicular Hamartoma and his lower back was a Trichoepithelioma).

Words can not express how we feel today!!

Yesterday he visited the vet and he had the 2 deep stitches removed from his right shoulder.  He was a very brave soldier. The wounds are healing fantastically.  His remaining stitches will be removed next Monday.  Meanwhile he remains in solitary confinement until he is completely mended.

A huge than you to everyone for your lovely wishes, comments and support.

Teddy whilst relaxing ....I took the opportunity for some light reading.......

 now what page are we up to to?  

Yes mum definitely said I should get the yogurt pots to lick out!  

Thank you for my birthday wishes.  I think I hear the other thuglets planning a big belated party for me and Holly when I am all mended!  Wooo hoooooo

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx


Saturday 10 November 2012

6 Today

Happy Birthday Teddy 
6 today!  

They thought it was funny to write on my T.shirt! haha

I am having to wear this STUPID T Shirt  cos I had surgery on Thursday to remove a nasty lump from my right shoulder and one from my rear left side. 

I am in solitary confinement. I am not allowed to be with the others as I have to rest and must not run around and jump for 10 whole days!   I am only allowed outside on a lead to toilet.  So no birthday cakie and pawtry for me today!

This is my right shoulder a 5" wound.

 My left side a 2" wound

Actually I am being a very brave Teddy and solitary confinement is really not so bad!

Time to continue my rest even though I am 6 today!  

Happy Birthday Teddy The Rocket Man
We love you to bits!

Mum, Dad, Cora Holly & Webster xx

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsxx

From Teddys' Mum...........

We had Teddy's lumps fine needle tested 3 weeks ago and the results came back as benign sebaceous lypuplasia or sebaceous adenoma. There was however a the risk that the benign cells, a percentage of them could active themselves and become cancerous spreading throughout his body.  Also the lump showed signs of having  been aggravated by the needle test and showed signs of growth.The lump on his shoulder was already large (it was actually 2 lumps with a hardening between them under the skin)having grown quickly and surgery at this stage could be done with a good clean area removed.  We were not prepared to take any chances with him.

The lumps have been sent for histology and we should have the results early next week. 

Teddy is doing really well and has surprised us by being a star patient!

Friday 9 November 2012

Holly is 7

Happy 7th Birthday



Yep ...Holly we gottcha this is you aged 8mths!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx 

Well yet again we find ourselves saying sorry we haven't been around and we are back!

So pawscrossed this time we are!

 Lots to tell you - life has been a bit hectic. Lots of blogs to catch up on.  We have missed you all and look forward to visiting  everyone eventually!