Monday 29 November 2010

The Madness goes on

Thank you all for visitng our blog. She''s up to over a 1000 photos now. LOL
Well since our last snow madness post - it has kept on snowing and snowing

The next morning .....Dorcus said yep it's still here..

Webster wasn't hanging about....

Cora..said WHoooo hoooooo

Timothy and Holly donk ..... no way are we leaving our warm stable

Ok morning carrots got me out

Mr Robin was hanging about hoping Holly dropped some carrot

I ate them all says Holly

Had a bit of a wander in the white stuff

Timothy popped out..covered in shavings from the floor

quick close up.... is the thing you are pointing at me edible?


Webster I am getting a taste for this white stuff

Not often the boys pose together

What do you think Teddy asks Webster?

Cora off again

Teddy & Cora..can we go play?

Warmin up says Cora

Teddy stops for a pose

Then Teddy The Rocket Man was off..........

quick pit stop with Cora
Cora loves a face of snow

The Thuglet mobile (known as webbie wagon) ready for action?

The geese flew by..

Tmie to check on the donks..Morning Tims

bit of green stuff here says Holly

I'm only out cos the suns out says Tims

hanging around

The view out of the front door

alone goosie

Time to blast again........

and blast.....

Cora dives over the tunnel..

Did you see my dive ? asks Cora

quick bounce on the tunnel

Over she goes again........

Cora......What did you think of that one? I go again........whoooooooooo hooooooooooo

Corrrrrrr...that was brillo. I just love this white stuff says Cora

Holly & Webster thought it safer to watch from the side lines

What do you think asks Cora?

Time for another dive

Absolutely fabulous fun says Cora

Oh this is serious ......Karen has joined in......

now we're all having fun...........

See it's fun says Cora

yep its fun says Teddy stepping out

I love this stuff .....says Cora

Meanwhile Holly and Tims were still out

We got left at home to dry off!!! The Webbie wagon had to go out for foodables. This is the track from home.............. this was the main road

The track back to home........

Back home to us and the snow was falling again...........

This white stuffie is getting really deep now said Dorcus.
IDorcus I have had enough now and I am going in .....
We measured the white stuff and its now 12inches deep! WICKED
Its snowing again now .....a white out. It's also thundering and lightening! Which is a bit scarey.
Hope everyone is safe and warm like us. Time to put our paws up!
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx