Friday 28 January 2011

Cora's Parcel


Great excitements ! The postman arrived with a parcel addressed to Cora all the way from the USA!

So who was my surprise parcel wrapped in fabulous paper from ?

We all closely examined it. Cora declared it was from her brother Dave who now lives in Seattle in the USA.
Cora thats me in the purtle collar!

Teddy decided to be very helpful saying he could open the parcel for me....

then being the ever helpful "Teddy the Rocketman" he shot off with my parcel round and round the kitchen!
Cora said...I don't mind you opening my parcel for me Teddy! (Not that I had any choice in the matter)!

He did quite a good job as you can see..............

So..whats in my parcel asks Cora?

and inside............oh WOW

OOOOh.... I don't know what to say, Cora

the black and white one has my name on it from Dave!

we opened the bag and look what was many goodies, including yummy treats. The new year card shows Dave and Alice his sister who is 12 yrs old.

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The most wonderful and very special heart " Pawprint"brooch".

This was part of the messgage...... We didn't know what to say and there were some tears. Karen says she will always wear it proudly!

Corrr....Red wrapping paper with piccies of us on it. How cool is that? Hooman treats to go with ours!

Cora's special stuffing free toy from Dave together with a lovely new collar (she forgot to take a photo of Cora's collar)!

Cora deciding what to say with Webster's help........

Thank you so much to my wonderful brother Dave, his big sister Alice and their lovely very very special mum Lydia from all of us!
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The Thugletsx

Monday 24 January 2011

Sock Thief

They sock it here,
they sock it there,
the sock thief can strike anywhere.
Is it Cora?
or maybe Webs?
could it be Holly?
or even Teds

Is it a dale thats as sweet as sugar?

No it's Teds the little B***** !

Every and we mean every time washing is going to or from the washing machine he has a sock!
Every time the clothes airer goes up or down with wet or dry guessed it he has a sock!

Have a good week everyone.

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The Thugletsx

Monday 17 January 2011

My Makeover Begins

Hi it's me Holly here

well I am no longer be known as Miss Tattyhead!

So my make over began at the weekend.

On the dreaded table and where would she begin? ... oh the back of my head!

Oh ....and the front!

I took Webster's advice and I went to sleep!!! Pluck.. pluck.. pluck in my dreams she went

When I woke up....yeah yeah very funny! Fluffie Bunny ears!

More sleep and fluffie ears are no more!

So my days on the table will continue ...(much to Webster's disappointment as every day he runs to the table and sits waiting to get on it! Poor misguided boy! Teddy & Cora take cover and hide under the kitchen table...brave souls).
I understand for being such a good girl, I am to be absolutely and utterly pampered when all my hair is gone, with a bubble bath, massage and blow dry. Apparently I am supposed to be pleased?
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The Thugletsx

Saturday 15 January 2011

What to do

Saturday ..

its rainin it's pourin

saturdays can be borin

but not here

cos we got piggie's ear!

Oh well we tried our paws at makin a poem. But we couldn't fit trotters in it!

We thought they looked very scrummy and couldn't wait to eat em. (We are sorry to any veggie friends fur and hooman).

Holly & Teddy.....what you waitin for? Dish em up. We're ready!

Cora....ooooh I'm ready

Very daleicious...Teddy

Cora..sooooooooo yummy! Sorry can't stop to pose.

Cora..can I have some more please?

Webster and Holly trottered off somewhere to hide & eat theirs in peace, away from the camera.

Can you believe it.....we only got to have the ears. We have to wait for the trotters. Or someone, she said we would be sick. We ask you?

Hmmm ....So what to do next?

Have a good weekend everyone.

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsxx

Saturday 8 January 2011

Friday Treat

Friday we were all in kitchen when Teddy popped outside and shouted to tell us the white stuffie was back
Cora and Teddy exciting

Cora what to do?

Cora decided to jump on Holly

After a quick blast, time to go in and Friday Surprise....

OMD ... we all held out breath....Rocketman decided to help himself!

Cora..yikes did Teddy really do that? I'm just waiting for mine!

They were very daleicious... yummy scrummy

Then we decided to try being appealing in the hope we get another treatie..

Have a good weekend end everyone! We're looking forward to finishing our treats. Sadly the white stuffie went as quick as it came. boo hoo
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The Thugletsx

Monday 3 January 2011

First Exercise Games

Well the white stuffie has sadly now gone but the ground is still frozen hard. Today we decided to start New Year exercises with our balls....

Super fast RocketMan

Teddy now which one shall I choose..

Cora ..well I'm ready for action

Cora ....Well I got my red ball

Thuglets game on

Yep..even Webster got involved excuse me!

Go get it Teddy

I still got my red ball

time for a rest

yep a rest... says Webster

After a day of fun and exercise what better than Bank Holiday Monday Yorkie with our dinner!

What a pawfect end to our day.
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsxxx