Wednesday 29 August 2007

Well we thuglets love to dig and if we say so ourselves we are very good at it. This is one of our latest excavations...we all took turns on working on it (even Ellie). We were doing really well with this tunnel infact it was out best work so far. Then disaster struck!

There we were test driving the tunnel when with very bad timing Karen and Alan appeared in the garden.....what they found was Ellie and Holly standing looking down our tunnel. Well they obviously wondered where the rest of us were? Imagine their suprise on calling us when Cora appeared out of the tunnel followed by Dorcus who was followed by Webster who was followed by Teddy!

Thats when disaster struck - the tunnel was declared a "no go" area. It was considered to dangerous for us. We had dug down and then we had started to dig outwards going underneath the lawn! We had really good fun diggin that tunnel. So sadly it was filled in.....but hey it took 3 tractor loads of soil to fill it!

Busy on another project at the moment - but can't say much about it just yet! Nudge nudge wink wink

The Thuglets

Webster is 3

Happy Birthday Webster
3 today!!
Love from
The Thuglets xx
Webster aged 9mths! hehe

Saturday 25 August 2007

Hello Teddy here
I am nearly 10 mths old and joined the thuglets when I was 8 weeks old. I am quite a big boy for my age and gorgeous with it! Even if I do say so myself. I am known as Teddy the Rocket Man. They never know when I am going to launch myself next or where I will land!

Dorcus is my half sister as we both have the same mum – my posh name is Mikeland the Rocketman. Karen and Alan must have had some sort of premonition when they named me. LOL

I just love to play and keep everyone guessing as to what I will do next. Keep them on their toes that’s my motto!

I am now quite grown up as I no longer sleep in my crate at night – I am now one of the big kids.
I do love to give big cuddles and I still enjoy my rusks.

Teddy The Rocket Man

Hello Cora here

I had my first birthday on 10th June and I became a thuglet when I was 10 weeks old.
I am a very tall girl and I love to run and play. I always have something in my mouth to carry a bone, stick or a toy. I absolutely love digging and simply adore mud.

I am known as Cora the Super Muddy Princess because I am often covered in mud or The Scottish Princess because I come from Scotland and am a Princess. My posh name is Ragtail Love of a Princess. I am ever so proud because I feature as a puppy on the new Ragtail mug. I really like having my photograph taken and will happily pose when the camera comes out.

I love to give cuddles and yes I am a daddy’s girl as well!


Hello from me Holly
Well I came to live with the thuglets a year ago as an 8 mth old puppy. I had to leave the home I had as they had two small kids and I was “big and bouncy” and used to jump up and knock them over. I also stole things including their toys and chewed them. Apparently I didn’t have any manners… tut tut! Oh .. and I also mouthed. So it was time to move on Holly.
I joined the thuglets as a foster dale while a new home was to be found for me. Sadly Hannah passed away just after I arrived – so I was asked would I like to stay and live with the thuglets. Of course I said YES!

I am a big girl and a real fun loving girl. I love to play with the others tag, chases and play fights. Somehow though ...I am always the one on the bottom of the pile with the other five on top of me!

I also give great cuddles.


Hello this is Dorcus

I was 2 in June of this year and I joined the thuglets when I was 12 weeks old. Karen and Alan had decided after getting Webster that it was such fun to have a puppy around that they would like another. So along I came. Webster taught me the ropes and we had a real fun time especially playing tag and chases with Hannah and Ellie.

I came along just as the kitchen floor was being replaced (sorry Webster but you did mention it) and I remember we weren’t allowed in the kitchen for 3 days, so guess what? We had such fun all of us sleeping in the summer house with Karen and Alan.

I am also know as “Baby D” as I am not a very tall girl. My posh name is Mikeland Lady Dorcus. One of my favourite hobbies as well as eating and playing is that I love to dig! I also like to give cuddles and I must admit I am a daddy’s girl.


Hi Webster here

I came to live here over 2 yrs ago I was a 9mth old puppy. I had been returned to my breeder twice I was apparently untrained, unschooled and very boisterous! lol By then I had had 3 names Gerrard (flipping heck) Jake and then Jacko. I mean no wonder a boy gets confused. Then I became Webster Webb - which if I do say so myself has a good sound to it. Me posh name is Glentops Exclusive.
I came to live with Ellie and Hannah after the loss of TobyDog. I arrived like a whirlwind – they had not had a puppy here for a long time and boy had they forgotten the rules. Haha!!

I was very good at reaching worktops and enjoyed steak burgers and other tasty things. Alan left his expensive gortex walking boots on the floor – gosh did I have fun eating them! They weren’t half chewable.
My biggest claim to fame is the night I became an interior floor consultant and ate the kitchen floor!
There used to be a notice on the kitchen door…………

Please remember
Or you’ll regret
Don’t leave yours shoes
For Webster to get
Clear the worktops
And the floors
Rememeber to lock
And secure all doors!

Well those days for me are passed……I am a sensible young man who will be 3yrs old next week. I am a very fun loving guy and I love to play. I can run like the wind. I can also be very vocal when I want to be. I love giving cuddles. Being a thuglet is such fun. Of course I have a very responsible job to set a good example to my young brother – but that’s another story!


Friday 24 August 2007

Hello from Ellie

Well I am the oldest of thuglets I will be 10yrs old in December. I came to live with Karen and Alan four years ago with my mum Hannah who was then 10 years old.
We lived with our previous owners Graeme and Jackie but they were emigrating to live in Arizona and they felt they were unable to take us because of the heat there. So sadly they had to look for a new home for us. I understand that some people were happy to offer a home to me but did not want my mum. Then Karen and Alan rang Jackie and offered us both a home. So we came to live with them and TobyDog a lovely boy dale. Sadly TobyDog died the year after we arrived and then my mum died last year aged almost 14 yrs. I know we will post some photos of them both.
I am a small dainty Airedale and I am known amongst the thuglets as “Aunty Ellie” I keep them all in check. That’s no easy task with some of them believe me – the things these youngsters get up to. LOL
I love to play and I love to relax and snooze as older ladies do. I love giving cuddles.


Friday 17 August 2007

Hello and Welcome to our World!

Let us introduce ourselves we are "the thuglets " Ellie, Webster, Dorcus, Holly, Cora and Teddy The Rocketman. We live here in Sedgefield with our humans Karen and Alan and 6 donks.

We have lots of stories to tell. We do get up to allsorts ...well some amongst us do!!! We have lots of photos to share!
So who is gonna write our blog......we had a committee meeting and we have decided we are all going to take turns.

It's thanks to our great friends Molly and Taffy (not forgetting Hilary) that we decided to create our blog.

The Thuglets