Monday 31 March 2008

Monday's Journey

We promised we would try and keep our bloggie up todate so Molly and Gerties mum & dad could she in Aussie what we were all up to!

Well today our day started at 6am..flippin heck a dale isn't allowed to sleep around here! Or have we got selective dale memory loss was it the other way around? LOL

Molly and Gertie ate breakie with the boys this morning.... biscuits and fresh mince with some left over yorkie and gravy from Sunday.. yum yum tasted good and everyone cleaned their bowls. Actually we think Gertie has hollow leggies! Speaking of her leggies Rocketman rather likes them they go on for ever..he's a bit of a legboy! tee hee

The sun came out..thankyou Mr & Mrs Weatherpersons. By mid morning we were being very good ALL of us..yes including Rocket Man...he's such a poser!

So into the garden for the first time we all went..yahoooooooooooo!

The visitors Discussing game tactics

Lets sus this place out shall we?There seems to be quite a bit to explore

Teddy wait for me says Molly

Webster and Molly getting aquainted..he's quite a shy youngman apparently thats why we don't always see a lot of him
WOW this is very interesting says Molly . Must be Cora's work?

very very interesting
what do u think Gertie?

Gertie ....I am busy now taking in the view..where's these donks then?

Oh heck the VIP's have got dirty beards!! tee hee

We all had a lot of fun and crashed out for the rest of the avo...we are off into the garden again before we eat dinner..........oooooh wonder whats on the receipe tonight? Then its early to bed ready for the 6am alarm call! YIKES
Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets &2 xxx

Sunday 30 March 2008

Having VIP visitors

Heellooo..its us!

We have been very busy settling our VIP visitors Molly and Gertie in. Our hoomans are very perdantic ...and they are settling us all in together very carefully. Whilst we are a an extremely welcoming bunch ..... we are a strong pack of 6 gorgeous dales! It’s so very very important the jobbie of introducing us all is done right. No one can be excited or show the slightest grumbling!

Teddy has spent quite a bit of downtime in the naughty corner cos he can be quite .....hmmmm shall we say EXUBERANT???? We all have taken turns at meeting them on lead and gradually building up the group.

We have had lots of fun along the way. This is Teddy trying to persuade Molly to play with him and Holly Pleeeeease Molly Pleeeeeeeeease pleeeeeease Molly

We have all spent time as a group of 8 today ....and are so excited at all the fun we can soon have...but all in good time.

Absolutey tanked down all day saturday..gee thanks mr weather controller!

Some of us in the garden and Gertie on our Satruday meeting !LOL

Molly and Gertie..we almost got wet but not dirty yet

It’s important that Molly and Gertie’s mum and dad know we are all taking great care of them. Boy ..they can both flippin eat those girls we can tell you ... tonight we have to share our prized yorkie pudding!!!

They love piggies you can tell from Molly!

Catch up with you all soon!

Extra Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets & 2 xx

Thursday 27 March 2008

Getting Prepared

We were playing tag catch me if you can the other day we had to tag Holly Not often you catch us all together! LOL
Well not long to go now and our very important visitors Molly & Gertrude will be arriving! Whooo hoo lots of fun planned. They are coming to stay for 3 whole weeks whilst their hoomans pop to Australia for a holiday.

Meet Molly and Gertrude

Our poor hooman daddy says "can someone spare a thought for him please 8 Airedales"? LOL We think he's worried on two issues..... 1. Molly & Gertie are very clean airedales (apparently he thinks we are a scruffy smellie bunch - charming) 2. he fears this is a secret tactic of our hooman mum to think of increasing out numbers in the future ! haha He's a very very worried man!!!!

Cora is looking forward to giving lessons in digging (she has started a hole the hoomans don't know about yet....ssshhhhh) and Teddy and Webster..well they have just gone GOOOOOIE at the thought of the girls coming to stay!

No prizes for guessing whose nose this is?
Right we better push off we are in the middle of helping to decorate the kitchen and still have lots to do before the girls arrive tomorrow. As you can see she still hasn't completed stripping any of us...cos we have all been too bust decorating! tee hee hee

We'll keep you posted

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

P.S. Just to reassure our hooman dad Molly and Gertrude's hoomans posted this photo of the girls! We reckon they will make excellent Temporary Thuglets!!!!!

Sunday 23 March 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

Whoo hoooo we got snow. So we had a very early start today 6.15am photoshoot and there was one BIG POSER!!! I LOVE this white stuff!
Whooo hooo
They don't call me "Rocketman "for nothing!

Teddy "what are you doing"? says Cora
Nice Teefies Teddy! Come on play with me Cora.
Cora Holly & Ellie I always end up with it on my face..Cora
Look I found our pink hedgehog!
Can we play with it as well then Cora?
Cora....I'll think about it.
Okay then Rocketman go for it!

Teddy had to go to the vets on was booster time. Apparently ....and we have heard the story many times since.... he got a Gold Star for his behaviour at the vets! You see Teddy hasn't had a lead on or been out in the car for a year (naughty hoomans) but Teddy being Teddy "Mr Confident"...he just took it all in his stride like he'd been doing it everyday! He met a lady outside the vet who just wanted to cuddle him cause he "looked so gorgeous" and she wanted to "take him home" how come they brought him back?? But the lady finally settled for two huge licks from him..almost knocking her glasses off!!

Whist Teddy was getting weighed in the waiting room a black dog somewhat "defficient in size" swept in and had the nerve to growl at he felt oblidged to show his big white Teddy nashers and give his bestest growl! Sorted him out! Oh ...he weighs 31 kgs..flippin heck!
Having had his yearly examination by the vet and booster he was microchipped ...the vet had to struggle to get the needle in.... she said " he's got skin like cow hide" haha
Well everynight they try to record our setting the voice activated recorder. Imagine our faces when hooman dad set the recorder the other night and she waved her arms in front of it to test it! LOL He walked off saying "there really is no hope"! Well last night we howled with the recorder on..its very good if we say so ourselves. Now they have to work out how to get it on here for you all to watch this space.
Tommy Tractor is very camera shy..but we are working on capturing him in action..but we can't promise any pictures of him going through fences!
Just before we pop off for some more snow time....we must share this one with you. Dinner was cooking the other evening and we were all laid about relaxing when she picked up a large bag of expensive prawns...imagine our delight when the bag came open and they all piled onto the floor.....she screamed ...we ran dived to hoover them up...hooman dad was trying to keep us back and she was on her knees amongest us trying to scoop up the prawns. There was some very bad words! It was such fun! What she managed to salvage got scrubbed and put into their spagetti. Never a dull moment in this house!

Dorcus...."excuse me er excuse me..can someone help me with this snowball"?

Big Nose Pokes and have a great weekend everyone!

The Thuglets

Tuesday 11 March 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Busy busy busy..thats all we seem to be! No we haven't been snapped up by daleians we here honestly!

We have lots of bloggie readin and postin to do. Also Poppy Penny and Pocket and our great matie Noah have challenged us we to get our brains to work on that one!

Have we ever told u about Tommy the Tractor he is a red tractor we use to muck the donkey hotel out with. Well our hooman mum was taught by hooman dad to drive it a while ago...thats when the fun began. She was mucking out the other week and we watched in dale amusement as she hurtled down the driveway of the house..she seemed to be going ever so fast! Guess what she left it too late to brake and went crashing through the fence into the donkey paddock. Yikes! Fortuately the donks were in the hotel having breakie. We knew she was ok when Tommy came out of the hole in reverse. You never have the camera when you need it!

Hooman dad hadn't seen or heard what happened so we heard her say "do you know we have a couple of damaged fence rails need repairing"? haha From the very very bad words we heard bad me and Teddy made the girls put their paws over their ears! We fink he guessed the truth!!!

Last week after heavy windies some repair work needed doing to one of the wooden stables that holds the hay and straw the wind had blown a tin sheet off the we watched gripped with tension as hooman mum got into Tommys front bucket and hooman daddy drove Tommy and lifted her to roof height to hold the new sheet in place. Everything was going well till Tommy had to be reposition....she hung on in the bucket and Tommy got closer to the building and closer and closer she was the F.B.O. (front bucket observer) she was supposed to tell him when he got too close! Suddenly he leapt out of Tommy shouting "whats that noise" our hooman mum said " you've hit the post"! Paws over ears thuglets...... Tommy doesn't half give us some laughs. We would love to ride in the front bucket..but the meanies won't let us.

Well there is lots of activity going on here, and we have had some very exciting news about some important visitors coming to stay at the end of the month....infact me and Teddy are very excited.

We are in the middle, yes still in the middle of daleairdoo's ...she'll need to start us all again soon if she doesn't get a move on!

Its Tuesday morning and there is a yellow thing in the sky so Cora has dashed out for a spot of digging before breakie assisted by Dorcus and Holly who seem to get covered in the mud that comes flying out. Ellie is having a lie in..priviledge of the lady. Me and Teddy well we have a heavy day planned but managed to grab puter for few mins..bone day today yahooooooo then teatime big runs in the fields and play our favo games how much donkey pooh can you eat or better still roll in?

This is Holly Donk...she is very naughty she plays a game where she charges at the fence when we are in the garden she stops at the last minute....Eyeores at us spins round...clicks her hoofies ...does a loud rootie toot and gallops off!lol Forgot to mention as you know we often practise dale howling at 3am in a morning...infact most mornings...well for the last 5 nights the hoomans have put a voice activated recorder in the kitchen so that Molly and Taffy's mum and everyone can here how good we are. Guess what.....we haven't made a sound for 5 nights! LOL
Dorcus says " to howl or not to howl - thats the question"?
Right must dash Tommy is about to start lets see what happens today!
Big Nose Pokes
Webster , Teddy & the girls x