Friday 26 August 2011

Webster 7 Today

Hi its Teddy, Holly & Cora here.......

Webster is 7 Today!

We'll let you into a secret.....He doesn't know about this photo! tee hee 

 He was having his birthday airedoo and she was fooling around wirh him. Webster as you all know doesn't do foolin around usually, so we (Teddy what do you mean we?) quickly grabbed the little camera and snapped his picture!!

We need to get busy now as we have a party to plan and a cakie to do!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Do join us if you can.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Teddy, Holly & Cora!  Ha ha Webster WE GOT YOU!

Monday 22 August 2011

7 Weeks

Yikes says Holly we can't believe we have been missing for 7 weeks! 

So where have we been?  NO WHERE! 

 Our PA is USELESS! 

Teddy investigates a bag of hair!

Which as you will see belonged to him!

This is Webster having a treat whilst his airedoo began.........

Teddy decided to be helpful and after reading the manual
 on the new hoover set to work..

The boys wanted to help our personal gardener in cutting the grass... but they both wanted to drive. We feared for our they had to watch instead!

Cora spent a lot of time watching what was going on...

We were all most surprised early one morning when bunny watching we heard a strange noise and look what we saw........

It flew right by us..the noise was very very loud

Frightened our bunnies it did (we actually counted 35 the other morning..hmmm maybe thats why we have been missing so long all this bunny watching?)

Then the other evening the heron dropped in for a visit

Last night who came to visit.....Foxy popped in

Well we have thanks to our Useless PA lots of catching up to do!
We hope everyone well and we'll be visiting soon!

Holly says we'll be back again soon.  I need to go hide now, the dreaded airedoo table looms!!!! 

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx