Saturday 8 September 2007

Cora Disappeared

well I started digging the other day when no one was about. I was having a really good time my hole was getting bigger. I find adopting the position of back legs wide apart and using both front paws allows you to make the most progress - there I was shovelling away when apparently thedust cloud blowing past the garden gate was spotted! All I heard was "CORA" they knew it was me cause the others were laid about sleeping. Flippin heck!
Well things settled down - the coast was clear no one about - so back to work I went. My hole I have to say was some piece of work. LOL
I understand that I was so busy with my project that unknown to me Karen & Alan had come out in the garden for coffee the other afternoon. Forgetting what I was doing and where I was (now thats your clue) I found something interesting in my hole and gave one of my extra loud woofs.
Apparently all that was heard in the garden was a very "muffled woof"! A head count was done and there were only 5 thuglets - Cora was missing. I was oblivious to all this...... as I was down my hole! Then it started "CORA come out" they had found me. I reluctantly climbed out and you guessed it all my very talented hard work became a "No Go Zone". I wasn't even allowed the opportunity of a photo ....I mean how unfair is that?
Perhaps my next one will be more least I am getting more experienced with each hole.
Hmmmm I wonder if our friends Molly and Taffy need any help?
bye for now


ibrahim özdemir said...

very nice dog

The Black and Tans. said...

Cora, how mean humans can be! Really interested in your technique, will give it a go later today. Will let you know if we need help down here.
Molly and Taffy