Friday 28 September 2007


Well they put us in the yard

and we had to watch whilst Tommy The Tractor arrived and first can you believe it he bashed and bashed the ground joining the crater and the tunnel into one!

We decided to get Rocket Man the master gate opener on the job to let us out so we could help …

but the meanies had put a padlock on the gate. Worse still they had locked it and hidden the keys.

We could only watch helpless as all poor Cora’s work was destroyed. Two Tommy bucket loads later and lots of him driving over – no hole was left. The hooomans used more soil than we did.LOL

So it’s back out to play and see if we can start again! We'll keep you posted.

The Thuglets

Thursday 27 September 2007

Two Holes are Worse than 1!

Well everything was going very well Cora was doing an excellent job digging – unknown to the hoomans her hole was so big she could go in and turn around! We were all sworn to secrecy and hoomans appear and we act nonchalant so as to not draw attention to the hole. This even involved Cora sitting pretty chewing her large chew as a decoy from the hole.

Things were going diggingly – Cora is like a JCB GT Turbo (a big yellow digging machine only of course she is black and tan) the earth she can get through absolutely dalecredible!

Then disaster struck – we had a collapse. The east wing gave way! Fortunately Cora and none of us were in it, or nearby as a second hole appeared by itself!


That did it the hoomans appeared – shock and horror at a gaping hole and a tunnel entrance. A head count was done to make sure we were all present and correct. We were all swiftly marched moved into the yard out of harms way – so no fun in the new crater.

Entrance to Tunnell

New Crater

Entrance to Tunnel showing shovel.

Crater with shovel end!

The pad lock was employed on the gate – now that’s another story to be continued… LOL

The Thugletsx

Tuesday 25 September 2007

Tagged by Noah- The Car Tag Game

We were tagged by our Matie Noah to play the car tag game. Cars that match our personalities!

Webster has chosen the Aston Martin DB9 - cause "he is shaken not stirred" cool, sleek, powerful and licensed to thrill!

Ellie a Bentley - stately and regal.

Dorcus Range Rover Vogue - style, big whilst elegant a gorgeous girl. A swagger in her chassis!

Holly A VW Caravette - reliable, sedate and comfy!

Cora Hummer H2 - Big solid and a friendly protective go anyhere with style girl. A lets go get em girl!

Teddy a Porsch Cayenne Turbo S- moves like a rocket the fastest 4 paw drive. With style and charisma. Strutt your stuff RocketMan!

Thats us The Thuglets hmmmm now who can we tag. Committee meeting needed we think!

Following our committe meeting continue the game we tag Miss Molly and Gertrude also Agatha & Archie!

The Thugletsx

Tuesday 18 September 2007


Can you believe this?

Breakfast was cooking sausage no less – but sadly not for us. When the cry went up “where is the oven glove”? (a big black gauntlet thingie – with lots of nice smells on it). We sat and watched as a search of the kitchen and scullery ensued. Nope it was no where to be found. Then all eyes turned to us “ 6 suspects”!
Our toy box was checked. Our corners were checked. A full and entire search of the garden from front to back by both hoomans. Even Cora’s latest hole (which we have to say is coming along diggingly) was searched. Proving it was a very serious affair. It was no where to be found – a mystery!
Our hoomans kept looking at each of us in turn – they were looking for a “prime suspect”..who was it going to be? They appeared to have their suspicions…apparently we all looked guilty. Who us?

Well the sausages were ready so back in to the house we all trudged. Ever hopeful us. Table has to be laid for breakfast so in the drawer for the table cloth …and what did they find? Yep you guessed it the missing oven glove. LOL

We knew that they would find they had misplaced it. Anyway we would never take the oven glove! Fancy suspecting us ... the audacity of them!!!

Surely they felt so guilty for suspecting us that the least they would do was give us a sausage. Nope not a morsel!

The Thuglets

Monday 17 September 2007

The Thuglets Send an Award

Following our committee meeting we are sending the award ...

To our great friend Ludo who is new to blogging!

Enjoy your award Ludo and pass the love on.


The Thuglets xxx

Friday 14 September 2007

Molly and Taffy Sent us an Award

Gosh...Molly and Taffy have sent us this ward.

Thank you so much we are absolutely honoured.

If it had not been for Molly & Taffy (and of course Hilary) we would not have started our blog. Thank you for helping us.

Now we need to pass on the "love" - so we are off to a committee meeting!

The Thuglets x

Tuesday 11 September 2007

Rocket Man 10mths old

Well hello from me the Rocket Man.

Thought I would let you know that I was 10 months old yesterday. I am not sure yet as to what occupation I will take up when I am all grown up hmmmmm the moment I am equally torn between becoming an Engineer with skills in digging I am aquiring or whether I should become and Electrician. But thats a story for another day!

Teddy The Rocket Man x

Saturday 8 September 2007

Holly goes to the vets

Poor Holly developed a sore spot on her nose on thursday - by yesterday it had got worse and we found that he ears were blistered inside and she had a rash on her tummy. She was obviously very uncomfortable. So into the car and off we went to the vets - it looks like she has had an allergic reaction to the conifer trees in the garden. So she is on antibiotics and steroids for next 10 days.
She was a very good girl in the vets and everyone loved her to bits - she got treats from all the staff.
The good news is today her sore areas are looking much better and she's more like her old self. She loves taking her tablets twice daily as it means she gets her favorite cheddar cheese!
We'll keep you posted.
The Thuglets

Cora Disappeared

well I started digging the other day when no one was about. I was having a really good time my hole was getting bigger. I find adopting the position of back legs wide apart and using both front paws allows you to make the most progress - there I was shovelling away when apparently thedust cloud blowing past the garden gate was spotted! All I heard was "CORA" they knew it was me cause the others were laid about sleeping. Flippin heck!
Well things settled down - the coast was clear no one about - so back to work I went. My hole I have to say was some piece of work. LOL
I understand that I was so busy with my project that unknown to me Karen & Alan had come out in the garden for coffee the other afternoon. Forgetting what I was doing and where I was (now thats your clue) I found something interesting in my hole and gave one of my extra loud woofs.
Apparently all that was heard in the garden was a very "muffled woof"! A head count was done and there were only 5 thuglets - Cora was missing. I was oblivious to all this...... as I was down my hole! Then it started "CORA come out" they had found me. I reluctantly climbed out and you guessed it all my very talented hard work became a "No Go Zone". I wasn't even allowed the opportunity of a photo ....I mean how unfair is that?
Perhaps my next one will be more least I am getting more experienced with each hole.
Hmmmm I wonder if our friends Molly and Taffy need any help?
bye for now