Friday 30 December 2011

Time for a Howl

Cora .. yesterday I went out and had a good  HOWL

Phew... I feel better for that!

A girl's got to do what a girls' go to do!

When you feel like a howl's so good to have one!!!

Now where is everyone else?  Still asleep me thinks!
Cora x

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsxx

Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Everyone

We are trying very hard too be good. Thank you all for your support over the missing sardine Christmas treats!  You are such very understanding and good friends.

To you all we send this Christmas Card!

                                      You can view your card here 

We have all our paws crossed this works!  (Don't forget to click on the link above to view your card)!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets xxxx

Wednesday 21 December 2011

In the Naughty Corner

Well it starts here... we were so excited when we got Christmas biscuit cutters to go with our Bone one

 So we had a great time this afternoon making sardine biscuits and cutting out Angels, Christmas trees, snowmen and bones. We were so exited about showing you them.  

  WHOOPS..... someone left the door open and they have all DISAPPEARED! 
 This is now all we have left to show you.....

It's a mystery where they went or who actually took them or who participated in the act.

Soooooooo..... we are ALL now in the naughty corner!  

We have our pawscrossed Santa Paws will still come to visit us.

Big Fishie Nose Pokes
The Thugletsxx

P.S.  She should not have left them on the work top.  He should not have left the door open!  We suggest they go hit themselves over the head with a rolled up newspaper!

Monday 12 December 2011

A year has passed

We find it hard to believe its is a year since we had to say goodbye to Dorcus our beautiful girl.

Dorcus loved to relax under the butchers block

Her first taste of snow

Her first snow outing

Her first red collar

 We miss you so much. There is never a day goes by without us thinking of you. 

21.6.05 - 10.12.10

We have such happy memories of the time we shared with you Dorcus.  But 5 years was not long enough. We thought you would be with us forever and you will be. Forever in our hearts.

With Love
Karen & Alan
Dorcus human mum & Dad

Big Nose Pokes
Webster, Holly, Cora & Teddy xx

"Never put off what you can do today, until tomorrow. Because sometimes never comes"


Thursday 8 December 2011

The  postman arrived with a parcel..we all sat waiting in anticipation

Great's from George The Lad!

It's addressed to me..Holly

 Wowie ...I won a prize in George's Birthday draw

Dog tricks & treats...Tess picked out my name Holly Thuglet!

Corr..... a recipe book with a biscuit bone cutter

The recipes sound daleicious

Hmmmm...what shall we make first?  asks Holly

Thank you so much George & Tess for my brilliant prize.  We are gonna have such a brillo paws time biscuit making and tasting!

Big Nose Pokes
Holly & the Thugletsx

Teddy says....

How long are you going to take to make up your mind Holly?  I'm starving!!!

Monday 5 December 2011

Before & After Breakie

Cora here.. well as you can see I have lost a little of my coat!

taken before my breakie

 after my breakie!!

My breakie was daleicious!!   

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Monday 28 November 2011

Sunday Relaxation?

Webster here... well Sundays are made for relaxation.  So when we were invited into our newly decorated den. I took the opportunity of relaxing on the sofa.

Sorry Teddy I beat you to it mate!

Someone else had her feet up.... colour co-ordinated?  Apparently she has another pair the same!!!

Then she decided forget the gale force wind outside let's light the fire!  

Suddenly we could not see for smoke ..............

We can safely say our smoke detector alarms around the house one by one they started to scream!  We had to open all the windows and abandon the den.

Terrific what a great job she did!!  Now some repainting to do!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Thursday 24 November 2011

Fishie Tale

Hello Cora & Teddy here

We have a very fishie tale to tell...

Yesterday we all had a special treat..we got daleicious fresh salmon heads to eat! 

We decided not to post the piccies of the fishies.. they weren't for the squeamish!!

Teddy...Cora you have fishie breath  

Cora...Well actually so do you Teddy!

So what's on the recipe today Teddy asks Cora ? 

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Saturday 19 November 2011

S is for??

Well S is for ......

Sardine Cake Saturday..says Teddy

Today we see to have all the ingredients...more than enough eggies now

OK...I am just checkin everything out to be sure ..says Teddy

Quick taste..yep tastes good smells good...

time to stir in  the rice flour..nee d a cakie consistency

Teddy ..... (Being the official taster) ..wowie

Cora you try... what do you think.......

Cora and Holly both needed a taste..

Webster's turn.... VERDICT its good

Time for the oven. Well the recipe said microwave for 5 mins. Hmmmm...problem.  We aren't very modern heres we don't have one! So we decided the baking oven for 20 mins.......

20 mins later............ VOILA............Sardine cakie

we had to wait until it cooled. Finally... we get to cut it up and officially taste time ......

Holly & Cora...............smells daleicious

Yummalicious said Holly...

Teddy said so now we need to freeze it...we have a  special package of sardine cakie to make up for our special girl Molly to help her get better!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Make sure you get well Molly!

Extra Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Thursday 17 November 2011

Especially For Molly

hi Everyone...Teddy here

We are really worried our Bestest friend Molly
( Molly,Taffy, Monty & Winnie) has had an accident and hurt her back.
Please do drop in and send positive thoughts for Molly and her family who are naturally very worried about her... 

We know Molly loves sardines.  So after our huge success at making liver cakie we thought lets make Molly some sardine cake to make her feel better....  we got out the ingredients

"Flippin heck " said Teddy...we are missing two eggs..we need  4!

Well where did two eggs go?  

 Now instead of making sardine cake for Molly, I end up on the dreaded table... 

So said Webster ..can someone please get some eggs for Molly's sardine cake?  I haven;t got much hair left!!!

Molly get well soon ...we love you!

 Hopefully we will make some sardine cakie  for Molly tomorrow!

Extra Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsxx