Tuesday 13 November 2007

My 1st Birthday

WOW did I enjoy my birthday I had a great time. Lots and lots of prezzies. I got a great ball and tug toy and some gorgeous treats from Molly and Taffy. Also a smart new blue grown up boy collar and lead, a kong toy and chews..Ellie helped me out hahaI even got a new paw ball and I got my teeth straight into it it made a great hissing sound and then squashed nicely under me paws LOL
Then it was cake time..............I got so excited I couldn't help meself I was so excited I forgot meself and suddenly I was on the table!! OMD the thuglets to0k a sharp intake of breath and thought he's done it now.but hey it was me birthday and the hoomans forgave me LOL
A very big Fank you to everyone for all my cards and prezzies and special mentions. I had a really great birthday.
Love from
Teddy The Rocket Man x
p.s. we have some more picces to post but our puter is playing up! gggrrrrr
p.p.s. Also I got a really exciting parcel from me sister Mindy whooo hooo

Friday 9 November 2007

I won't sleep tonight

Really this post should be called "we won't sleep tonight - cause he won't let us"! Yes Teddy the Rocket Man is 1 year old tomorrow. Its truely a miracle he has made it this far when we think about his escapdes over the year!

We've seen mysterious packages coming from the car and disappearing ..so Teddy has decided they must be for him! We have told him he has to get passed midnight yet! LOL

Typical Teddy its his birthday tomorrow the 10th.... but the rest of his 9 borthers and sisters.... are not 1 until Sunday.... yes it had to be Teddy he had to be unique! Bless him.

We love him to bits really - but don't tell him!

The Thuglets

p.s. We are all hoping for some very yummy birthday cake!

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Holly my Birthday

Well what a great birthday I had it was lots of fun (even if my new airedoo wasn't finnished in time! ) I had a lovely time with lots of pressies. This is me opening my exciting parcels from Molly and Taffy. Some yummy yummy treats I just happened to open first. LOL

I was so excited I got a Kong Wubba yipeeeeeeee Ellie helped me open it. Then I opened some more prezzies a tug toy and ball from Molly and Taffy. Fank you so much. I also got a new paw ball (paws off Teddy and Cora tee he hee)Also I got a posh red collar and lead for going trekkies.
My birthday cake arrived with 2 candles and the thuglets howled Happy Birthday to me before I wished and blew them out.
Then we all ate my cake Which was very very daleicious and yummy!
A very big thankyou to everyone for my birthday wishes and Special fanks to Molly and Gertrude and Molly & Taffy for my cards. Not fogetting LacyLulu for my special post. Gosh I did have a lovely day.
hugs from
Holly Thuglet aged 2
p.s. Hopefully she'll finish my airedoo this week! haha

Saturday 3 November 2007

Holly 2 Today

Happy Birthday


2 Today!

We are getting ready for her birthday bash. Prezzies to be opened..oh what fun we're goona have.

Webster and Dorcus plotted together and decided that as it was her birthday they would kindly volunteer her for the "dreaded grooming table". LOL Holly wasn't that pleased about their brilliant plan .....but has spent a few relaxing afternoons on the table. Now she's hiding from the camera!

Catch up with you all later. If anyone can make it to the birthday bash you're welcome it's open house at Basecamp Thuglet.

The Thugletsx