Tuesday 21 September 2010

Home Alone - They went Trippin

Can you believe it?

They left us at home ...well not actually alone. we have our own "Minder" who comes to stay with us and we keep her in order..whoops sorry ....that should say she keeps us un order! We had daily practise at being a troop of thuglets, as well as lots of fun and play.

Here's a clue where they went trippin too....

They didn't even know the Eiffel Tower had been evacuated one day... till they got home!!

They met a huge dale chappie called Grundell a Belgian Dale living in France with his English owners. Shame she didn't think to take a piccie of his face instead of his airerear! (We think it was she was so stunned to see a dale!).

Came across the fire brigade practising shinning up a very "precarious" ladder!

Bread and cakes to drool over!

All in Pink..where else but Paris!

Taking your car for a river trip!

The Musee du Louvre....Glass Pyramid entrance. Cultural experience they saw the Eygptian Exhibition and a special exhibtion Arts of Islam

Are these the 2 most expensive G&T's in the world???

However absolutely a MUST when in Paris ..even at £17.50p!!!! LOL

Visited "The Conciergerie " (taken from the river)
The Gothic Palace where the horrors of the French revolution linger on. Prisoners spent their last days there before being led to the guillotine.

Gothic Chamber
The Grooming Room .... the night before execution prisoners were stripped of their personal possessions and their heads were shaved before being executed ( this really was very eerie and left you with a very sad feeling).

Mock up of a "High Class" prisoner's cell
Replica of Marie-Antoinette's cell...she was permanently guarded by 2 Gendarmes in her cell who stood behind a screen,as you can see. She had no privacy.

They visited the Musee D L'Armee - Les Invalides... seeing Napoleon's uniforms and his horse "Vizir" (the real one).
By the way...... don't mention alarms. He who was with her only set the alarms off not once but twice! She had visions of him being carted off in a blue and white van with sirens by the Gendarmes and coming home by herself!!
Having escaped detention on too........
Eglise Du Dome - the Golden Dome
It doesn't actually lean.. (we are most definately assured the photographer had not had a G&T!) it just happened.

Napoleon's Tomb

The dome above the tomb - absoutely stunning.
Meanwhile..... back on the Paris streets they considered the possibility of this truck for us?

The Bride and groom walked the streets!

Took an early morning boat ride with no one but themselves and the captain on it!

Someone actually living on the river bank....

Notre- Dame

The Fire Brigade practising hose manoeuver's..apparently they had to move inside the boat as they passed the hose! LOL

They had an absolutely fabulous trip they had saw lots more and ate some delicious french food and drank some lovely red vino!
When they eventually came back .... cos we had been such good thuglets in their absence
Our special treat!

We ate them so quick in the hope of some more there wasn't time for photos and there wasn't any seconds! Ellie...not bad!
YIKES..Cora we have got company! says Teddy
Teddy I'll try and keep you hidden Cora

What do ya all think ... Teddy is it big enough? asks Cora

Do have a good look Teddy

Teddy ..........I was only checkin it out!

It looks like it has great potential ....says everyone. But we can't get 4 of us in together yet, like your last one Cora
Cora.....It's no good...not big enough..so back to some serious diggin!!!!

So life at basecamp thuglet is getting back to Normal! Cora is still diggin..but we heard rumbling the hole is to be filled! Teddy is to get an airestrip! Right we're off.....

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx
P.S. a lot of blogs to read!

Saturday 11 September 2010

Green Paws

Hi Everyone

we are always so much in awe of everyones fabulous gardens, wonderful plants & flowers and utterly spectacular fruits sucesssfully grown by you all.

So we thought we would share with you our attempt of growing plants - which we think shows clearly we may have a touch of the Green Paws.............

Our Basil Plant which we have to say as amature's we think we are doing really rather well with!

Mind you the lady in the shop did say "EVERYONE" can grow Basil..so we were pretty confident of success..so pawscrossed!

This is our Mint!
Again we feel and hope you will join us... in mint is going well?

This is our Parsley

Well maybe not quite as good as our Basil & Mint?

This is our Chives!

Hmmmm..not doing so well.

But .....still a few green bits! Hopeful do you think?

Having discussed perhaps time to replant one or two outside..Cora was tasked with the project of preparing the ground...........

maybe just a little too big?

Was she preparing the ground or tunnelling to somewhere ? Cora we said a hole not a tunnel!

So we had to postpone the replanting for today... so back to the windowsill and lots more TLC! But we do feel we have a touch of Green Paws?

Oh yes....we need to own up...........

Whilst the lady in the shop said EVERYONE could grow Basil no one can kill it. That was the first plant we bought.

The one you see today is Basil Plant no.38! The other 37...well we managed to kill em!!!

Have a good weekend.

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx

p.s Thought you might like to meet our new pet Boris..he's a pretty Big Fella as you can see by our pencil!


Tuesday 7 September 2010

Introducing No 7!

Well it's was about time we introduced you to Thuglet Number 7! .

He's going to tell you about himself...

Mr Darcy

I lived in a home from being 6 weeks old. At 3 years of age I was put into rescue through no fault of my own.

I was not well socialised and I growled at people, which meant I was aggressive. My owner had to wear leather gloves when he handled me as I nipped his hands. I also had to wear a muzzle when I went out. I have to admit I did bite some people.

In the rescue kennels a man called a “behavioural expert” came to assess me and my behaviour. He said I was “unpredictable, could never be rehomed and should be put to sleep”!!!

Fortunately for me Karen came to my rescue. She worked with me and introduced me to canine communication ( for those that don't know she is a Dog listener). She showed me how to control my own behaviour and be a happy well, mannered boy.

I have never needed to growl or bite again and I don’t have to wear that horrid thing called a muzzle on my face.

I learnt to walk on a slip lead... no nasty choke chain and being jerked about!

I learnt to play..I din't know what to do at first

But eventually got the hang of things!

As I am so gorgeous, naturally she had to adopt me!

I am very lucky I live in my own huge palace called "Darcy Towers" and I have my own private garden! So although I live at Basecamp Thuglet as yet I don't live with the dales.

Bye for now

Mr Darcyx

Well the weekend was quite busy here washing and polishing the trailer..so we Thuglets knew something was happening..... well they hitched up our Thuglet Mobile (known as the Webbie Wagon) and off they went...leaving us all behind!

Where did they go??

They went to the RSPCA Gala day as Karen had been invited to be there to give advice and help to people who had problems with their doggies. She had a very busy day!

We often say " Paws Crossed" when we blog and that makes us laugh...cos thats what her buisness is called. Here's the link to her website http://www.pawscrossed.co.uk/

Hope you enjoyed our tail and meeting Mr Darcy! Makes a change from us all eating something!LOL

Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets x7 !!!!

Thursday 2 September 2010

Something in the Aire

September madness ....was it the sunshine? Something in the aire?

I'm gonna get you Teddy says Holly ..these ears are made for flyin!

almost gotcha

That was fun!

Cora who is that you have? Is it a ragdale?

Cora..who needs a stuffie toy when you have a Holly!!

Ellie..... I was enjoying my afternoon nana nap as any 12 yr old needs......when I was rudely awakened..and dumped on the dreaded table. Time to find me under all my hair. I must admit I can see a lot better

BUT has she seen the state of the others?

As we always say......

Big Nose Pokes ..we thought'd we would have a bit of fun and included one today!

A HUGE nose poke

The Thugletsxx