Wednesday 29 December 2010

Just No Escape

Webster here......

well she was looking for volunteers today for the "dreaded table" and I decided I was quite happy to paw forward.

The others looked on in amasement.

Thing is ..... what they didn't recogise is I got to spend a few hours relaxing and being pampered with lots of TLC. Also there were some very, very nice treats in the cupboard where I was!

I laid on my left, I laid on my right and I slept whilst she pulled out my old long coat. Which as you can see by the colour difference was quite long.

It appears I slept so well she left me on the table whilst she went to eat lunch!
I'm not finished yet but tomorrow (and I suspect for the next few days), pampering and treats are looking good.
Big Nose Pokes Webster
& the thugletsx

Monday 27 December 2010

Festive Fun

Well as you know we just can't help ourselves with the white what better way to spend Monday having festive fun running off all our extra daleicious treats we've eaten.

Was that Cora?

So how did I do?? asks Cora
Anyone for a game?
What do you fink we have here then Cora? asks Teddy
White stuffie don't half stick to me beard says Teddy

Yep mine as well says Cora

Now we play snowie bitey face
thuglet taggies

wild things

time for a rest

Here we go again

Are you joining us Holly?

Holly always goes for Teddys back leggies!

game on

Cora after her snowball

Holly what are we watchin? asks Cora

Yikes time to chase a snowball

Webster ...the white stuffie comes and this lot go crazy! heyho

What are the girls doing?


Whose gonna get the snow ball?

It must be here somewhere

I got that one! says Cora

Synchronisation.... A boys moment there no privacy around here?

Well the white stuffie is still coming down and pillow cases more expected! So standby by for fun!

Happy Holidays everyone.

Big Nose Pokes

The Thuglets xx

Saturday 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Everyone!
Santa Paws is here today
Holly ....Yipeee
Cora..I wonder what he's brought?

Webster - I need to get back to the warm kitchen just incase
Teddy...Santa Paws, I have been good.... well goodish?

Holly & Timothy..they got ginger biscuits and mints!

To all our special friends and readers
Where ever in the world you may be
and whatever you are doing
we wish you

A Very Happy Christmas.

May all your dreams come true!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletss x

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Today is Special

Today is a very special day, Ellie's birthday she would have been 13 today!

Ellie came to live with us in April 2004 with her mum Hannah. Ellie was 6 and Hannah 10. They were two very special lovely girls.

Hannah & Ellie (2005)



Hannah (11yrs)

Ellie (7yrs)
Ellie gorgeous girl

Hannah's 13th Birthday. She has such a smile!

Ellie - hated hats

Ellie - her face says it all!

Ellie (August 2010 Webster's 6th birthday) - she loved cream

and cream!!!

Such a special girl

So we decided today at Basecamp thuglet we are going to celebrate Ellie's day in true style with a lovely yummie cakie and loads & loads of cream! We know that Ellie, will be watching us with Hannah & Dorcus, and perhaps partying themselves?
We have got up this morning to the angels having a pillow fight..we got white stuffie again! yipeee
Thank you again to everyone for all your lovely messages.
Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets xxxx
p.s. Thank dogness she lost the scarf idea! says Cora, Holly, Webster & Teddy! XXX

Monday 13 December 2010

How to say Thankyou

Where and how do we begin to say thank you to everyone for your lovely messages and kind words of support on the loss of our precious girl Dorcus. So simply from the bottom of our hearts ..thank you.

There is no way we can express the pain we are feeling right now. We miss her so dreadfully and the question we keep asking is " why, why, why"? Dorcus was too young, it should not have been her time to leave us. We loved her more than we can say.

We wanted to share some of our favourite precious Dorcus moments
Her first bath in the kitchen sink aged 12 weeks
Her first snow 29.12.06
Her first walk with Ellie in the snow Dec 2006

Growing up. Aged 10 months

Think we'll have to leave it here for now...........

Thank you so much everyone for caring and being there for us.

Karen & Alan Dorcus's mum and Dad

Big Nose Pokes

The Thuglets

Webster, Holly, Cora & Teddy x

Friday 10 December 2010


Our hearts are broken as we write. .. Dorcus was very, very sick and we had to let her go.
X-rays revealed she had a tumour in her stomach which had ruptured, tumours had spread to her lungs. There was nothing that could be done other than to help our beautiful girl to be pain free. We held her paws as she peacefully slipped away.

We brought her home and she will be with Ellie.
Dorcus, thank you for 5 wonderful years. We loved you to bits beautiful girl and we are so proud and privileged to have shared our life with you. But we feel so cheated, 5 years was not long enough.

Run free with the wind in your face. We will always love you Dorcus.

Dorcus 21.6.05 - 10.12.10

Thank you everyone for your lovely messages

Karen & Alan ..Dorcus's mum & dad

Big Nose Pokes

the thuglets Webster, Holly Teddy & Coraxxxx

Dorcus aged 6 mths