Saturday 26 April 2008

Getting back to Normal!

Just a quick you all thought we had been zapped by daleians!!

No since our visitors left ..which we have to say was very sad, as we all had such fun. We have had a real busy week getting back to normal. Hmmm now just exactly what is normal?? LOL

Whats happing in the tunnel?

Anyone seen our Teddy?

Cora proudly displays her flat ball!

You'll notice some of my hair is missing....ggggrr ....she's at it again!

Yahooooooo we got a new ball! says Teddy

Teddy come back here with it!

Game on!

Someone get it off him!

Oh its got a puncture!

Ellie says..Teddy any chance we can see our new yellow hedgehog?

K just found this new excavation....whoops

So there you have it normality at Basecamp Thuglet!!!
Catch you all soon..must dash
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Saturday 19 April 2008

Having A Blast!

We can't believe today is the girls last day with us..3 weeks gone already. So we decided today we were gonna have a blast at Basecamp Thuglet! So after breakie and a lovely big marrowbone each it was time to get the special toys out....

Teddy come back with that piggies ear...

The race is on!

Molly & Gertie..whats this then?

What happening then?

Ellie says..come on Holly out

Holly ..nope I am not coming out!

Teddy..hello there Molly

Holly ..its good for jumping on and it rolls

Molly checks the tunnel out

Websters turn in the tunnel..

Teddy..aren't I gorgeous!

Gertie..checks out the tunnel

Gertie..I'm still not sure...

This looks interesting....

Now whats happening?

This is what u do....Open yer gob and in they go eager

Gertie..shall I try this one ?

Teddy which one shall I try?

Cora....almost got it

Gertie..they taste good when u catch one

Cora..these bubbles

Someones getting brave!!!

Ellie...I'm worn out!

Dorcus..watching her bubble

Catching the drips off the bubble gun

Someone cheats licking the bubble machine!

Cora..Go Cora go

Cora...I'm forever chasing bubbles!

Molly & Gertie still investigating

Dorcus..have you got a monacle? nope its a bubble!

Cora ...I'll get you bubble!

Way to go Cora!

Holly the tunnel girl!

Teddy ..I know I know I shouldn't be on the garden table!

Molly & Gertie... maybe we could try it?

Gertie & Holly rumble tumble

what a day of fun we have had..hopefully a day for Molly & Gertie to remember!

It's now almost dinner time and as Molly & Gerties mum and dad have just phoned to say they have arrived safely back from Aussie and are in a hotel 5 mins away from us for the night..... we better go and help the girls pack their bags as they are leaving early in the morning!

Big Nose Pokes
Webster, Ellie, Dorcus, Holly. Cora, Teddy, Molly & Gertiexxxxxxxx

p.s. you got off lightly..she took 300 photos today!

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Gob Stoppers

Where do we begin and what have we been up too....lots and lots of fun and games! Been so busy we haven't had much time to blog!! We'll try harder.....we have lots of catching up to do.

Chewie time..Teddy

Molly on a mission!lol

Now how shall I tackle this? says Ellie

Ellie....Perhaps if I just pull it?

Note the paw hold!

Meanwhile "someone" found the bag the chews came in!lol

Webster please go away with that camera!

Molly look what I got....

Gertie ...this one is mine says Molly

Gertie strides out..

Gertie and Molly... The Action Girls ..."Bottoms Up"

Gertie I love this chew

Molly posing with her chew

Teddy that looks tasty say Cora..

Gertie and her new mate Mr Blackbird

Molly & Gertie share a chewie

How many thuglets can you see???

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease!

Who else but ....Gertie.. Action Girlie

Got up early (now theres a surprise..LOL) Tuesday morning and it was very cold and we had a good workout before adjourning for breakie....on the menu was sardines and bikkies. Which we all love.

Frostie morning

Good found my chew again

Gertie... I love to bounce!

Gertie..piggie ear time

Cora..have to guard my rope whilst chomping my piggies ear

After two more days of thuglet romping, games and chews ..we are quite worn out. Karen has developed a really good left ball kick! LOL As Noah suggested perhaps we should look at the premier league?
We have had some nice meals so far this week ...dining on sardines, roast chicken, mince and tuna (not all in one meal). Oh yeah...and K&A went out for a meal last night so guess what we all got....a big juicy marrowbone each! Phew life as a thuglets is soooooo hard!!!!
We heard a whisper that there is a trip to the petware house for supplies planned this morning we have dropped some big thuglet hints! Hmmmmm we wonder whats planned for today?
Big Nose Pokes
Ellie, Webster, Dorcus, Holly, Cora, Teddy, Molly & Gertie xxxxxxxx