Monday 4 August 2008

Rub a dub dub

Teddy says "time for the bath tub was what I heard" ....I was rather puzzled as I didn't know what they meant
I soon found out cos I was first!!

Dorcus was next but soon decided she'd had enough!!! She tried to make her getaway before the camera!

Webster's turn......
Holly ...... they bathed me as well!

Then Webster re appeared. Gosh Webster..what have u been doing? You do look scary!!

Webster had decided to dry himself off , by rubbing on the wooden green tavernas we have in the yard! LOL
There was a moment of panic when we thought he had actually turned green for good! yikes

Well it was a bit of fun! I'm just a fun type guy...said Webster

As you can imagine after everyone stopped falling about laughing..(we thought K was gonna pee her pants!) Webster the green boy had to be re washed! LOL

Cora's turn..and she has to have the flippin camera out !

Ellie clearly not amused! We think she was trying to get her ears to fly her out of the tub!
Ellie well a girl has to dry off somehow!

Actually we did have a bit of fun ..cos we managed to soak K&A during the tin bath time.....but there was no sign of the camera!

Hope everyone is well..we have loads of catching up to do!

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx

Sunday 6 July 2008

Cora doing well

We are delighted to say Cora is doing very well! She has spent time in her crate relaxing and gradually time in the kitchen and yard with the thuglets. She has a very neat small 3" zip in her tummy and has only lost a little bit of hair around the op site. Teddy has spent a lot of time with her being a model companion. Today she was allowed in the garden for the first time for a few minutes.

Teddy whats happened to our tunnel? Has it grown? asks Cora

Thanks for all her get well wishes. We still have our pawscrossed for a yummie creamie cake to make her feel better!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Thursday 3 July 2008

Checking in

Thank you everyone for our girls birthday wishes. The cake was yum yum yummie.

Cora & Teddy on Wednesday..... Cora said did she really have to take our picture's wiff our airedo's half done! Flippin heck?

Well after months of talking and deliberation between K&A the final decision was reached..there are not to be any puppies here. Firstly they both know they could not part with any puppies! LOL Also importantly they know we are a very happy bunch and don't want to split our pack by allowing Cora & Teddy to become a mum and dad.

So the decision made and the next step was Cora's appointment for her little girls op. So Thursday we were up and about bright and early to help Cora pack her little bag and wave bye bye to her for the day.

Apparently at the vets when the vet walked into say hello Cora took one look at her and jumped straight onto K's knee. K and A stayed with her till she feel asleep and then they came home to us.

We helped them clean our big crate and make it nice for Cora to come home to. Two hours later we got a phone call Cora was fine, op was over and she was now awake and she could come home in two hours! yahoooooooo we were all so relieved.

As we were missing her ............out in the garden we went and there was a BIG surprise waiting for us!

Corr this looks interesting!

Checkin it out..what is it?

Come on let's get it effort!

Maybe this will help..if I remove the flappie bit says Webster

Wow check this out..a new tunnel!

Webster can I fit in here?
Can you see me?
Peeka Boo
Roll around time... we rolled around so much we rolled off the grass. The camera person was laughing so much she couldn't take a photo. Typical!
We tried them different ways. Meet ya in the middle?
Teddy checkin out the length of the tunnel made into one!

Cora came home about 4pm and went straight into our big crate with is new fur bed. She slept most of the evening and we have to say we were very good. We popped into the kitchen one at a time so that we didn't disturb her too much, just so we could check her out and make sure she was ok. Must admit we all thought she smelt a bit different..but yep its Cora.

So we are taking very good care of her. We fink the hoomans are goona have a bit of a jobbie keeping her quiet for a few days! lol We have suggested that we fink she will feel much better wiff another yummie creamie cake that we can help her eat! Nudge nudge HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT!
Will keep you all posted.
Big Nose pokes
The Thugletsxxx
p.s. Teddy is keeping a low profile and has his leggies crossed..rumour has it he may be next! lol

Tuesday 24 June 2008

Birthday Time at Basecamp Thuglet

Well were back! Sorry we have been away so long!

We have lots of catching up to do. Well Dorcus and Cora celebrated their birthdays this month and today we they had a belated joint party with a cake and lots of fun and games!

Dorcus the birthday girl...was 3

Cora the birthday girl..was 2

The girls had a birthday cake to share with us all!

Cake's arrive yahoooooo

Cora...tastes rather good

Can we have some more please?

Cora..cor this is exciting! A very interesting parcel arrived from Molly & Taffy. (Cora forgot her table manners as did someone else)...

Teddy.. I want to see

The box had lots of great fings inside. Thank you soo much M&T we love balls and ropes and those chewie things taste really yummy.

Webster got the rope!
and guess who got our other new ball!!!!

Well we've had a busy day must go and see what everyone has been up to.

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsxx

Sunday 4 May 2008

The things that happen here

We thought you might like to see what the other residents of Basecamp Thuglet get up too..they play with balls and fings as well as us!

This is Ivor" the Thuglet" with their jolly ball and Timothy "the terrorist" behind him. They are a very tricky pair these two!! Always up to something.

Ivor....looks like Eyeore sometimes

Timothy does a little jumpie

Its a very interesting jolly has a handle on it!

and so the boys set off to play

and play

They pushed and they pulled

They went round and round in circles

there was lots of huffing and puffing and snorting noises to be heard!

Tims I shall hang on to your neck until you give me that ball says Ivor ( you fink we dalethuglets play ruff you should see these 2!)

Now here are Holly and they go

Get up there..... and do you know what..when Holly Kicks her heels like that she trumperty..trumperty.. trumps!!!

Go Holly & Jasmine go go go....

So what do ya fink of the show so far thuglets? Impressive or what?

Holly "the wildchild" is sometime verrrrrry naughty she comes charging (and we mean very fast) up to the fence at us...screeches to a halt wiff her hoofies ....and then brays very loudly at us! We in turn all bark and howl she turns kicks her heels trummpty trumps and gallops off!
Then we got a new little football

Rocketman got it first as usual

Poppy (in her coat) Holly "the Wild child" and Ivor "the thuglet"!

then a purtle flying finngie appeared from no off we went to inspect it

the flyin fingie flies Cora got the flyin fingie
Thank you all for commenting on our last hole....sadly it got filled in!

We really must go catch up on all the blogs. See you all soon.

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx

OMD!!!! look whats happened now! we wonder what A will have to say about this latest excavation????