Sunday 30 December 2007

Cora gave us a big scare

Cora gave us the most dreadful scare last night!

Cora became unwell on thursday she started being sick and had horrid pooh's (nasty smellie diarrhoea)...mum and dad with our help looked after her but on friday morning they decided she was off to visit the vet.
After a very thorough examination ..where they put a thing called a thermometer in a very personal space ...Cora did not have a temperature, after an xray to make sure she ahd nothing stuck, the diagnosis was Cora had an infection.
She was a very brave girl and had a huge injection of antibiotics and came home to rest. She was quite bright by friday evening, but still would not eat.
Saturday whilst she was still bright, she still would not eat..and whilst not being sick, she still had horrid pooh's and she would not drink.
About teatime suddenly Cora became very lethargic and she was rushed to the emergency vet hospital. We were very upset when mum and dad came home a couple of hours later without Cora.
Cora was described as very very sick and the vet had admitted her to hospital so that she could be given fluids as she was very dehydrated, they also were running blood tests and talked of a further xray and ultra sound scan. Lots of nasty possible causes were discussed. We were all very upset.
The vet phoned at 22.45hrs... to say Cora's bloods whilst normal showed that she was severely dehydrated (more than the vet believed) it was thought she had a very nasty tummy bug and the next few hours and getting fluids into her were very important. The vet said if Cora's condition deteriorated during the night they would ring mum and dad and discuss the best way forward. None of us slept last night.

Thankfully by morning no calls had come from the vet.

We rang the vet early today and he was pleased to say Cora had responded well to all the fluids she had been given..they had just run her blood tests again and thing were looking better. She was now out of danger!
The vet felt that whilst she still would not eat Cora would recover better at home with us. The belief is she has a very nasty tummy bug.
Mum and dad went to collect her and when Cora saw them she was so pleased big licks and cuddles all round.
She came home and we were so pleased to see her, we have looked after her all day. She has slept alot but is drinking and has managed to eat a small dinner of chicken.

Cora still has a long road to recovery but she is home and doing well with our care, all of us together with mum and dad have been with her all day.

Cora assisted us all in her recovery by removing her own bandage off her leg..which we have to say looks really funny and strange as they have shaved her leg for the fluid drip she had!

We are all feeling alot better tonight now Cora is home and on the mend. We are looking forward to a good nights sleep but will be watching her closely.

Get well soon our little scottish princess!

The Thugletsx

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Meet our other chums

A parcel arrived addressed to the other residents that live at basecamp thuglet...Ivor, Beau, Timothy, Poppy, Holly and Jasmine from Molly & Taffyrather tasty said Ivor and Tims Carrotalicious says Ivor to Beau Smells good thinks Holly I love to pose with carrots says Ivor Excuse me where is mine asks Poppy I ate mine you missed it say Jasmine While we were waiting for our carrots cheeky Mr Robin arrived They also got ginger biscuits and lick smackin jamaican ginger cake as pressies. Standby for more about the donks to come. Merry Christmas from them.

The Thugletsx

What a Christmas Day we had!

Merry Christmas

Phew what a day we had fun fun fun. Lots of prezzies so here's some of our piccies . Theses were 6 huge 18" chews we got..... Teddy I'll have this one This is mine says Ellie "This toy makes a real funny noise it came from Ludo" says Cora
"very yummy this" says Teddy "Mine is yummy too" says Dorcus "This new yellow kong from Ezzy & Jagger is good fun "says Webster and Holly Cora and Teddy found it made a great tug of war game with Ellie as referee Hey here's some parcel's from Molly and Taffy Webster "the parcel's are interesting but this chew is so good" "Big decisions which one should I choose"? Meanwhile as me Webster is debating and she "the missus" is taking photos.....Teddy snook off with one of the parcels clearly all his christmas dreams came true when he found it was a box of bonio's!! This toy from Molly & Taffy is fun to play with say Dorcus and CoraWell the kitchen looked like a bomb had dropped paper and torn cardboard everywhere but we had so much fun! We also got lots more toys and a whole huge box of bonio's and a box of 50 piggies ears..but we weren't allowed to open them....we can't understand why?
Merry Christmas to all our friends and we hope you all had a good time.
The Thuglets x
Ellie Webster Holly Dorcus Cora and Teddy

Monday 24 December 2007


Gosh did I have a lovely birthday...I got lots of pressies a new red collar and lead, chocolate drops and treats. Here I am opening a present I got from Molly and Taffy it was full of lovely things to eat. Then we played some games hunt the carrot and chase the piggies ear. Then it was time for my birthday cake it was very yum yum yummy and we all enjoyed a huge piece of it. I had a wonderful day and a big thankyou to everyone for all my birthday wishes.
Ellie aged 10 xx

Saturday 22 December 2007

Happy Birthday Ellie

Happy Birthday
10 today!

Ellie has got lots of pressies to open and we are all hoping there is a cake. Its party time!

Thank you to everyone who has already sent her birthday wishes.

Love to Ellie our big sister

from the thugletsx

Saturday 1 December 2007

Be The Blog Award

Imagine our surprise we have been awarded the "Be The Blog Award "by our great friend Ludo and his hooman mum Caz.

"This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can "be the blog" - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun".
Fank you sooooooo much Ludo & Caz.
Well now we are going to have a committee meeting chew a few piggies ears and decide who to pass the award on to.
Sorry we haven't been around..Teddy's party took a wee bit of recovering from! LOL
Bye for now
The Thugletsx