Friday 27 August 2010

Webster 6 Today



Party time .........we were so excited we helped make Webster a


it looked so daleicious we could hardly control our paws!

We all sang Happy Birthday Webster

and then time to get movin

and then we got to eat!

Teddy what have u been doin?

Cora says..Dorcus Look at yer nose

Can I help you out?

Any chance of some for me...Cora?

Eliie finks its lickalicious!

Yep...lickalicious daleicious says Ellie
Just squirt it in..... says Webster
Meanwhile....Dorcus is still busy slurping

I'm makin it last this white creamie stuffie is just daleicious

Ellie thats some creamie you got there girle

Webster the Birthday Boys says ..CORR slurp slurp
Is there any chance of any more for a brithday boy?
Cora..can I try a squirt..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
Holly schhhhhhhhhhh..... I am just checkin to make sure it's all gone
Yep all gone
Please don't be cross wiff me I was just checkin for everyone!
Well we played lots of thuglet games ..we played until we dropped and now it's time to chill!
Huge Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
p.s. The creamie stuffie got everywhere u should have seen K! LOL

Monday 23 August 2010

A Perk Me Up

Poor Dorcus wasn't well last week..we all knew cos she didn't want her dinner and she was quite miserable!

Off to the vet's she went where the diagnosis was she had a horrid tummy virus and her temperature was 104.5! She was a very brave girl as she had to have a huge injection to make her feel better. Following vets orders this is what she had to eat!

We call it her perk me up....pasta, fresh chicken and some goats yogurt!

twice a day she has to have her antibitronics....

taken with the aid of a mini baby bonbel...."light " of course as a girlie has to watch her waistline

Ready to be taken....

We are pleased to say with her magic perk me up food, her antibitronics and cheese Dorcus now has her paws on the recovery road.

The rest of us tried to say we needed some special food and cheese...but it didn't work! Heyho

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Fish N Dips

Yesterday we decided ....well we started off in the house .. a thuglet experiment!

But for reasons unknown to us we were quickly moved outside! Some people have no sense of humour!

Cora..I wonder whats in the dishie?

Sooo what is it Cora? asks Dorcus. Hang on I'm checkin it out..says Cora

Cora..gott ya!

What do you keep gettin out of this dish Cora? asks Holly

Must be somefink interesting!

Dorcus....Somefink floatin in mine!

Did you get another fingie Cora?

Time for a little help from me paw ! says Teddy

Teddy.....Cooooor...two of em here!

Teddy....I'm going to get ya!

Ellie..what do I do Teddy? Well you Dip N catch em! say Teddy

Teddy..or give em a paw stir!

Tastes yummy.....tastes...... fishie to me..dribbles Ellie

Cora....One way of keeping beards clean! LOL

Cora..what did you get Dorcus ?

Holly....look sharp Ellie maybe some more comin

Teddy. Did you see that Dorcus? .It jumped JUMPED!!!

Ellie..Whats in here then?
Teddy..I WILL get that thingie!
Teddy 3 heads are better than one we'll help you ... Cora & Holly
Dorcus....hmmmmmmm yummy!
Elllie any chance of just one more pleeease?

Guess which pocket the thingie treats come from?

Maybe I should just drink it all up? Tates fishie to me...says Ellie
Cora.....Ellie u is right girlie this is fishie water!
Can we have some more pleease?
Ellie..........Fishie's are just my FAVOURITEST treats! Dwibblin fishie water

Teddy you are such a Tatty Head !
So the afternoon began with an experiment by us see what of our treats would float.... fishie first!

Then we added some gravy bones.... we LUV'EM!

Then we added DALEICIOUS bonio's....... WOW they floated too!!

The twirley treat sank........ but that made the game for fun!
So we had FISH N DIPS!!!!

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx
p.s. Need to paw off now and go buy some more treats!