Friday 1 October 2010

Paws n rain

Well it's that time of year here..rain rain and more rain and with it comes........

Yep muddy dirty paws!!!

No prizes for guessing whose paws these might be!

(Which leads to grumpy hoomans with dirty floors....schhhh we didn't really say that!)

When it stopped raining this is what we saw ..............

We are busy searching for our pot of gold! LOL

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx


The Black and Tans. said...

Hi Thuglets

It's the same here, right old pair of Moaning Minnies going on about mud and floors!!!!!

Well we do hope you find your Pot of Gold, remember you have to dig deep to find it!

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Dexter said...

Oh man! Your floors must be really icky by now with all those giant dale mud paws running about. Hope all the humans keep their sense of humor.


Sierra Rose said...

Hi friends!!! Thanks for stopping by my site! Will explore around yours. Nice to meet you :) I love the rain! Muddy paws too...not sure my hoomans like them on their rug...but opps! :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

George The Lad said...

I suppose all of you have them dirty paws, Fab rainbow, you don't see one like that to often, hope you all made a wish.
See Yea George xxx

brooke said...

pretty rainbow!
Rainy season means more baths for Darwin!

Molly the Airedale said...

Your rainbow is just beautiful! We hope you found your pot of gold, guys!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

julee said...

OH well...when you have a few're gonna get a few paw prints in side ;)
The humans secretly love it.
The rainbow is beautiful. thanks for sharing.

Lorenza said...

I guess I understand that "grumpy" thing!
Pawesome rainbow!
I hope you find the pot of gold!
Kisses and hugs

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Dirty paws rokhk!

And so does your rainbow!


Wyatt said...

Mom can't keep up with our 8 muddy paws. What is it like to dry 24 muddy paws? BOL


Sunshade said...

Hey those paws look like mine, so it must belong to a digger... who was it that digs? Teddy??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Hello deres Everybody!

Tank youz fur stopping by today! I luvs to makes new furiends!

WOofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Sherry said...

I trim the fur short all around their feet and even in between the pads. Way less mud that way!

TwoSpecialWires said...

We wish we could have some of that rain so we could slop around in some puddles, go in search of some boggy places and watch Moma get happy in her make-a-smile-welliebobs!

To heck with muddy paws!
Jake and Fergi

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Yeserooty, that's some nice MudPaw. The rainbow isn't too shabby either. hehe. Very pretty photo.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD and Hootie

Nelly said...

Mummy says she'd like a clean-water ditch just before the back door and then just towels on the floor.
Pretty rainbow over your garden!
Nelly x

Kari in Alaska said...

Rainy season means my pups don't want to go outside!