Sunday 13 April 2008

Ball Day!

What did we get on sunday??? Suddenly a new black and white football appeared and off we ran to see who could get it first!

Then out came a 2nd ball a big purple furry felt ball!


Investigating the balls!

8 fo us!!!

Sooooooo exciting

Whose having which ball?

Which way shall I go?

Come on girls

Even Ellie joined in!!

Group games
Ellie ..just look at them!

Off we go...
The don't call me Rocketman for nothing! Come on girls!

Go Webster go..
Wow..this is fun!

Rocketman makes another break!

Keep up Gertie!!!

WHoo hooo it's some purple ball! Teddy & Gertie

Gertie goes in for a tackle!
We got the balls! hehe

run and chase

Come on chase me....

Whats happening now?

Way to go Gertie Girl! turn Tug of ball...Gertie & Teddy
Gertie...Give it here Teddy
Way to go ..skiddies
think Gertie? asks Molly
Pass it here..behind you..behind you
Where is it..whose got it?
Holly its my turn ...can you believe it...she punctured it!
Teddy even I need a break!
Me too say Cora!
I'm worn out says Ellie
So at half time out came the new marrowbones!
The "action girls" get stuck in to them...
Molly off to hide my bone's my bone Dorcus
Dorcus we''ll get you...Gertie & Teddy
Cora ..yep its the purple ball!
Gertie ..time for a relax
Dorcus..Molly what u up to?
Look whats happened to the purple ball!
Peek a bone Molly
Look what Cora did to the ball! It wasn't me says Teddy
After a full day of playing wiht our new ball it was soon time for dinner and as promised we got yorkie puddin..... whoo hoo

As we toddled off to bed after our last rompies and our bonio's we went off to dream of what tomorrow would bring?

Big Nose Pokes

Ellie, Webster, Dorcus, Holly, Cora, Teddy, Molly & Gertie xxxx

p.s. can u believe it she took 235 piccies!lol


Kyanite said...

No ball stands a chance with all of you around, but you shore have fun with them while they last.

Aren't digital camera's great, one can just get soooooooooo carried away taking photo's.

Pats & pets

Molly the Airedale said...

awwwwww, it was such a pretty purple ball! hehehehe
You guys are so lucky that you get marrow bones AGAIN! yummmmmmmmm

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Harry said...

Whoops! Ah well, at least you all had jolly good fun while it lasted. I'm not a toy fan, but I wonder if even I would have been tempted to join in?!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Simba and Jazzi said...

A doggie football match how cool. Shame the ball wan't stronger.

Simba xx

The 3 G-Dales said...

You Thuglets +2 sure know how to have a party! We G-Dales only wish we could be ther eto have fun with you! Mumsie gets us those those footballs (soccer balls here on the stateside)too and we luv 'em!!! Goooooooo Dales! Paw parties rock! Aireslaps all around!

BNP's all around!

The G-dales!

Dexter said...

Oh my, your camera will explode from all the aire-ness it has captured.

Looks like you wore that ball out. Guess you'll need a new one for tomorrow.


Dino and Family said...

What a fun day for everyone! The yorkie pudding certainly looks yummy!


Deetz said...

Woe, that ball is flatter then a pancake...lmao

William Tell said...

I love what you did to the purple ball, Cora! Looks like you all had lots of fun with it. :)

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Amber-Mae said...

Ball Day? Sounds soooper fun to me! Hey, that purple ball looks like a giant tennis ball. How kewl! Oh my, it sploded at the end. So sad...Later you guys got juicy bones to chew? Now, that sounds like a pawsome day to me!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

BALLS BALLS BALLS my sister and I love to chase and play with balls. We would have loved to play with you and yours!

Molly and Gertrude said...

We can believe the photo count! We are now safely at Noah's place and have been given LOTS of licks by Lucy in particular! The Dale here are all gorgeous, as is the house and everything - D and B are great. And we met up with Jo and Tim and Brooke last night too - out on the toen in Melbourne which was really good.
That game of chase looks like the best - no wonder you were all so tired out afterwards!!
It's late so we had better say goodnight - lots of love
Kate and Paul
ps - that yorkshire pudding looks amazing....!!

Finni said...

Two Ball Football!!! Excellent. Looks like the girls are in possession of the ball as much as the boys!
Great action photos!
Finni xx

Stanley said...

I can believe your mama took over 200 photos! Who wouldn't watching you all go at with those balls.

You know, you should write a few different toy companies and ask them to send you their toughest toys to see if they pass the Thuglet Test. I bet they'll be hard pressed to find something you guys can't destroy in a matter of minutes.

Those bones, by the way, looked extra yummy. Mmmmm. Love my bones!

Goober love & smooches,

Noah the Airedale said...

I hear the premier league is looking for a new football team. We highly recommend the Durham Dales. Manchester United watch out!

We cracked up when we saw the purple ball lol. Good one Cora hee hee.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Caz and Ludo the cool dude said...

I had a feeling that one of the balls was going to end up popped the hard one was trying to find out which thuglet had done it hahahahahahaha. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm i hope you left a bit of yorkie puds for mr and mrs thuglet hahahahaha

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

I love destroying balls ALMOST as much as I love chasing 'em! J x