Tuesday 1 March 2011

Nose Pokes

Hi everyone

well we thought you we all having so much fun with "peekaboo" that it was time to have some fun with "Nose Pokes"!

So............... here are our 4 noses!

Nose Poke 1........... is it me?

Nose Poke 2.... it could be me?

Nose Poke 3........... but this could be me!

Nose Poke 4...... ha ha is it me?

We have a very busy schedule for the next two weeks and may not get time to blog.
Your task should you choose to accept it...is which nose belongs to which one of us?
We have had a committee meeting and decided to offer a prize for the first correct answer!
Now all you have to do is decide whose"Nose Poke" belongs to who and email your answer to us at thuglets@gmail.com
A winner will be selected at random by our paws from all the correct entries to the "Nose Pokes" on Sunday 13th March!
Happy Nose Pokes!
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
p.s. Comments have been disabled on this post. Email entries only!
You can have as many guesses as you like! Come on folks!
Play dip dip dip! But do have a go!