Saturday, 25 August 2007

Hi Webster here

I came to live here over 2 yrs ago I was a 9mth old puppy. I had been returned to my breeder twice I was apparently untrained, unschooled and very boisterous! lol By then I had had 3 names Gerrard (flipping heck) Jake and then Jacko. I mean no wonder a boy gets confused. Then I became Webster Webb - which if I do say so myself has a good sound to it. Me posh name is Glentops Exclusive.
I came to live with Ellie and Hannah after the loss of TobyDog. I arrived like a whirlwind – they had not had a puppy here for a long time and boy had they forgotten the rules. Haha!!

I was very good at reaching worktops and enjoyed steak burgers and other tasty things. Alan left his expensive gortex walking boots on the floor – gosh did I have fun eating them! They weren’t half chewable.
My biggest claim to fame is the night I became an interior floor consultant and ate the kitchen floor!
There used to be a notice on the kitchen door…………

Please remember
Or you’ll regret
Don’t leave yours shoes
For Webster to get
Clear the worktops
And the floors
Rememeber to lock
And secure all doors!

Well those days for me are passed……I am a sensible young man who will be 3yrs old next week. I am a very fun loving guy and I love to play. I can run like the wind. I can also be very vocal when I want to be. I love giving cuddles. Being a thuglet is such fun. Of course I have a very responsible job to set a good example to my young brother – but that’s another story!


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The Black and Tans. said...

Hi Webster

Well we sure are glad you have found yourself a real good home. Third time lucky certainly did it for you! With boots and burgers to enjoy and eating the kitchen floor as well, Impressive!!!!

Molly and Taffy