Saturday, 11 September 2010

Green Paws

Hi Everyone

we are always so much in awe of everyones fabulous gardens, wonderful plants & flowers and utterly spectacular fruits sucesssfully grown by you all.

So we thought we would share with you our attempt of growing plants - which we think shows clearly we may have a touch of the Green Paws.............

Our Basil Plant which we have to say as amature's we think we are doing really rather well with!

Mind you the lady in the shop did say "EVERYONE" can grow we were pretty confident of pawscrossed!

This is our Mint!
Again we feel and hope you will join us... in mint is going well?

This is our Parsley

Well maybe not quite as good as our Basil & Mint?

This is our Chives!

Hmmmm..not doing so well.

But .....still a few green bits! Hopeful do you think?

Having discussed perhaps time to replant one or two outside..Cora was tasked with the project of preparing the ground...........

maybe just a little too big?

Was she preparing the ground or tunnelling to somewhere ? Cora we said a hole not a tunnel!

So we had to postpone the replanting for today... so back to the windowsill and lots more TLC! But we do feel we have a touch of Green Paws?

Oh yes....we need to own up...........

Whilst the lady in the shop said EVERYONE could grow Basil no one can kill it. That was the first plant we bought.

The one you see today is Basil Plant no.38! The other 37...well we managed to kill em!!!

Have a good weekend.

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx

p.s Thought you might like to meet our new pet Boris..he's a pretty Big Fella as you can see by our pencil!



Cassie said...

Hey good work on basil #38!! RIP other 37. BOL. The chives are pretty pitiful too. hehe. Now you better make some nice pasta,olive oil and basil before 38 croaks on you!!!
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Persephone and Buster said...

uh guys.. mebbe you need to get the basil in the ground quick.. don't forget to give it water.. as for the chives.. ah well..they could be one of those delicate plants.
here's xing our toes that it continues to grow so you can get at least a little pesto!
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone, Ms. Blue and Ms.grAAcie