Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tuesday The pink blue & Yellow Hedgehog game

Phew we had an early start in the garden this morning. Followed by our breakie..we all ate together this morning for the first time..its was so funny we were in two's in a long line and we were apparently all "so very well behaved"! Breakie was weetabix goats milk and goats yogurt today. followed by a dalenap and catching up on bloggies.

Then off to the garden for some serious games. It was hedgehog day we got 3 new squeekie hedgehogs to play our game with..........

Here is Rocketman what a "wus" a pink hedgehog..Holly tackles him!

He really loved the pink one ..tee hee

Group formation Molly picking her side

Molly & Gertie ..team work tactics

Molly on a Mission..go Mol go

Molly I got it Molly Yep its mine ..whooo hooo

Gertie gives chase to Molly

8 dales yep there are 8!!!

Whooo hoooo.....The chase is on!

Tag Teddy someone

The blockers Dorcus & Webster

Teddy got away..they don't call him Rocketman for nothing!

After games we went in for bonio and then another dalenap to recharge our batteries. Molly and Gertie were so pleased to hear from their mum and dad on the blog.

Well we have all had a fun day. Before dinner we had another great garden play and we have just eaten a roast chicken dinner. Now we are munching our bedtime bonio and its lights out at Basecamp Thuglet!

Big Nose Pokes

The Thuglets + 2 Molly and Gertie


Molly the Airedale said...

Those hedgehogs are pretty neat and they didn't get eaten! They must be on the Dale approved list! What fun to see so many black and tans in one spot!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lacy said...

woofies and burfs Thuglets +2...and da fun never ends...heehee, when molly and gertie go back home, u mum and dad mite have to git 2 more dales...

b safe,
rocky, bear and angel lacylulu ;)

Stanley said...

You guys should host a Camp Airedale week at your place! It looks like Molly & Gert picked the right place to stay!

And, just WHAT is wrong with a guy liking a pink hedgehog?!

I am with you all in spirit!

Goober love & smooches,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Thuglets and Guest Thuglets!!!

Is you dad still sane??? Like is he in a straightjacket or something???

Wow...that pic of the eight of you!!! Gooberstan said ya couldn't do it...we are very impressed!!!

Keep up the postings!!!

Has Cora taught your guests her diggin' secrets?????

Scruffy, Lacie and Jealous Babystan!!!

Alf said...

You've had a great time again haven't you! Don't you worry about the pink hedgehog Teddy - it suits you! The pictures are great! We need a picture of you all sitting in a line!! Now that would be a task!!!

Alf n Mindy

The Black and Tans. said...

Hi thuglets + 2

Hope you all had a good nights rest ready for the todays adventures and games. We are wondering what the theme is for today!
Look forward to tons more photos.

Molly and Taffy

Harry said...

We are loving the photos. I particularly like the one with you all, count those 8 fuzzy bottoms!

There were 5 Airedales at one point on our Sunday walkies, but nothing like the glorious 8 that you are!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Dexter said...

You have to cut back on those ever so cute gang of airedale shots. Momma says she misses Grandpa Angus sooooo much and she always thought seven Airedales was the proper amount (I say one is too many).


Agatha and Archie said...

WOW!!! Do you have room for 2 wire fox terriers!!! We could really stir up the joint!! It looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! Love A+A PS Arch says so what if it is pink?????

Faya said...

Waouw 8 airedales on the same picture ! Great job ! And what a nice day you had....
Kisses, Faya

Kyanite said...

Hi there Thuglets + 2

Yes I actually managed to count the 8 of you in that photo!
I didn't know Molly & Gertude very well til now.
But you may share the award I've just given you if want, as they look such fun girls!

Extra pats & pets

Caz and Ludo the cool dude said...

Well I managed to count 8 even though I noticed a few heads missing hahahahahaha.

Glad to see that the hedgehogs were toys and not alive.

Looks like your all getting on really well.
The daily menue at your hotel sounds very good Gertie and Molly it must be a five star hotel.

Ludo the cool dude

Noah the Airedale said...

Right, we're digging a hole and we should be there soon. You guys are having so much fun we wanna play too. If it's ok with you Cora, could you please start digging from your end, we want to get there as soon as possible.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy