Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Busy busy busy..thats all we seem to be! No we haven't been snapped up by daleians we here honestly!

We have lots of bloggie readin and postin to do. Also Poppy Penny and Pocket and our great matie Noah have challenged us ..so we to get our brains to work on that one!

Have we ever told u about Tommy the Tractor he is a red tractor we use to muck the donkey hotel out with. Well our hooman mum was taught by hooman dad to drive it a while ago...thats when the fun began. She was mucking out the other week and we watched in dale amusement as she hurtled down the driveway of the house..she seemed to be going ever so fast! Guess what she left it too late to brake and went crashing through the fence into the donkey paddock. Yikes! Fortuately the donks were in the hotel having breakie. We knew she was ok when Tommy came out of the hole in reverse. You never have the camera when you need it!

Hooman dad hadn't seen or heard what happened so we heard her say "do you know we have a couple of damaged fence rails need repairing"? haha From the very very bad words we heard ....so bad me and Teddy made the girls put their paws over their ears! We fink he guessed the truth!!!

Last week after heavy windies some repair work needed doing to one of the wooden stables that holds the hay and straw the wind had blown a tin sheet off the roof...so we watched gripped with tension as hooman mum got into Tommys front bucket and hooman daddy drove Tommy and lifted her to roof height to hold the new sheet in place. Everything was going well till Tommy had to be reposition....she hung on in the bucket and Tommy got closer to the building and closer and closer she was the F.B.O. (front bucket observer) she was supposed to tell him when he got too close! Suddenly he leapt out of Tommy shouting "whats that noise" our hooman mum said " you've hit the post"! Paws over ears thuglets...... Tommy doesn't half give us some laughs. We would love to ride in the front bucket..but the meanies won't let us.

Well there is lots of activity going on here, and we have had some very exciting news about some important visitors coming to stay at the end of the month....infact me and Teddy are very excited.

We are in the middle, yes still in the middle of daleairdoo's ...she'll need to start us all again soon if she doesn't get a move on!

Its Tuesday morning and there is a yellow thing in the sky so Cora has dashed out for a spot of digging before breakie assisted by Dorcus and Holly who seem to get covered in the mud that comes flying out. Ellie is having a lie in..priviledge of the lady. Me and Teddy well we have a heavy day planned but managed to grab puter for few mins..bone day today yahooooooo then teatime big runs in the fields and play our favo games how much donkey pooh can you eat or better still roll in?

This is Holly Donk...she is very naughty she plays a game where she charges at the fence when we are in the garden she stops at the last minute....Eyeores at us spins round...clicks her hoofies ...does a loud rootie toot and gallops off!lol Forgot to mention as you know we often practise dale howling at 3am in a morning...infact most mornings...well for the last 5 nights the hoomans have put a voice activated recorder in the kitchen so that Molly and Taffy's mum and everyone can here how good we are. Guess what.....we haven't made a sound for 5 nights! LOL
Dorcus says " to howl or not to howl - thats the question"?
Right must dash Tommy is about to start up..so lets see what happens today!
Big Nose Pokes
Webster , Teddy & the girls x


Molly the Airedale said...

We loved the story of Tommy the Tractor! Tell us more about him, okay?!
Mom was laughing herself silly at "What's that noise?" She says that at our house all the time! You guys do sound busy, busy!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Molly and Gertrude said...

Hmmmmm.....we wonder who your guests could be......!

Do you Thuglets get to ride on Tommy the Tractor ever? It would be great fun if you did! Just imagine the photos.

Sorry to hear the fences have been broken - we'll bring our DIY kits and have a go at fixing them for you if you like? Our daddy's taught us a thing or two about DIY so we reckon we'd be ok.

Lots of love,
Mol and Gert

William Tell said...

We have an orange Kubota tractor, and there's no telling what it will do when it gets fired up. My Boy is learning to drive it now. Maybe he'll let me ride in the bucket. Hmmm...

William Tell

Lacy said...

woofies Thuglets, nice to haff u all back...we misseded u...heehee u all shure has been busy...me wood like to meet tommy da tractor tooo...

b safe,

Cassidy said...

Oh me hopes me gets to hear you howl!!

Cassidy x

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey Thuglets pinky is howling with laughter. She can picture your human out of control on Tommy tractor. We think your pinky best stay away from that thing, lots of bad words are said when your pinky is around it lol. Thank dogness she didn't hurt herself.....cripes!

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Dexter said...

Yowsa, there sure is a lot of action at your place. I wanna see Tommy the Tractor. Do you think he is possessed?


Basically Bears said...

Hiya Thuglets

Oh Thuglets we are so very disappointed there has been no community singing the past few nights!!! Perhaps the wind howling outside has rather put you off. Hopefully you will tone up your tonsils and give us a splendid rendition very soon.

Molly and Taffy

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Thuglets...we were laughin' our terrier butts off at your story...your poor mom...she's lucky she didn't end up sittin' in a large pile of donkey nastiness....

Get your camera ready the next time she goes out in Tommy. Does she have a license to drive him??

Scruffy and Lacie

Molly and Gertrude said...

just thought - your 'to howl or not to howl' dilemna reminds us of the old 'have a break, have a kitkat' advert on tv - they wait for hours to see some rare animal and just as their backs are turned, out come the dancing bears! Typical - you must just know when that tape recorder is turned on!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow, you guys sure sound very busy! Wow, howling at 3 am in the morning? Must be something outside there that you can see...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Amber-Mae said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've changed my blog URL becoz some crackpot has been visiting my blog & leaving mean comments & we know who it is. Just click on my name & it will direct you there.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Persephone and Buster said...

Sounds like Tommy the Tractor has a demonic spirit of his own... We've seen this with the Evil Jeep, which had to be exorcised and burned at the stake.

Love the pic of Holly Donk: she's a cutie!

Keep the roof on, and don't let the quakes get 'cha!

Persephone & Buster

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh dear we are still chuckling over this post!!! We would love to hear the howl!!!!! Get going guys!!! Can't wait to see who your guests will be! Love A+A

Kirby said...

Mom and I are still cracking up from your Tommy the Tractor story. Too funny! It really sounds like you guys are super busy, but not too busy to do some patented Thuglet digging! Can't wait to see who your visitors are.

Your pal,

Caz and Ludo the cool dude said...

Well I can imagine the choice words that were said after your mums little accidents.
As I tell chris and caz as you get older little things start to go.
Keep up with the howling though it sounds fun.
I never tried it myself but I wish someone would teach me.


Lizzy said...

My goodness, that's quite the story! You guys really are busy!

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's day!


Finni said...

Hi Thuglets!
Do you guys howl duo-tone ... with vibrato so it sounds really blood curdling? That always used to get my mum come running. Imagine the six of you doing that. I'd really like to hear that.
Sounds like your mum is having some fun with Tommy the tractor. I think she is very brave standing in the bucket whilst your dad is driving!
I'm getting ready for another 'Airedo' too.
Enjoy your bones!
Finni xx

Asta said...

What a gweat stowy..youw house sounds magical..so much fun and so many things to do ..no wondew you howl with delight..Tommy the twactow sounds like endless fun to watch and having donkeys to play with and Cowa's pwojects..well it's tewwiew heaven...I hope you have a bootiful Eastew and can't wait to heaw about youw next adventoowes, hehe
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...

Tommy the Tractor sure is getting a workout at your house! Does he have it in for your mama or what?

Holly donk is a cutie! If we can't get a recording of your howls, could we get a recording of the HOlly Donk?

Can't wait to see who the mystery guests are!

Goober love,